Protection Prayers

Protection Prayers for my Daughter

Concerning Sexuality


The following  THREE prayers deal with


our daughters and granddaughters

from sexual abuse and from impurity.

Praying for teen and adult women.

This includes boyfriends

who seek to take advantage of them

instead of cherish them

in a

godly way.

Also consider our other Prayer page on this topic: Here

I hope mothers AND fathers -
grandmothers AND grandfathers 
will be praying these prayers.

Almighty God,

You carefully knit my daughter together in the womb. You have delighted in her each day of her life. It is your perfect will to protect her and help her to stay pure until marriage.

Lord, I stand in agreement with your perfect will. I come before you today to pray for the protection of my daughter.

I pray for protection for each day of her dating life.

I pray that every male (boy / man ) that she dates will feel compelled to cherish her and protect her purity.

I pray that every male who doesn't have right motives for my daughter would be strongly directed away from my daughter. Convict him and redirect him away from my daughter.

Protect my daughter from males who are interested in lust instead of a God-kind-of-love.

Develop a desire in my daughter for the right kind of men.

Direct her path

and the path

of the one

you want her to marry.

Give them

a growing desire

to save themselves

for the one they will marry.

Stir this desire and strengthen their resolve.

Protect them from tempting situations.

AND give them the wisdom and motivation

to want to

stay away from tempting situations. 

You know how to create the very best dating situation and the very best start to a marriage. You desire the best sex for my daughter and her husband. Help my daughter to trust you more and more in this area. 

Help me to hear you as you guide me in HOW to pray for my daughter. 

In Jesus' name I pray,


Copyright © 2020 Beth McLendon of

Important Note:

God's perfect will is not always done.

Prayer is very powerful and it can

move the hands of God on our behalf.

That being said, we must realize that sometimes,

we need to cooperate with God

in order to live out his perfect will.

So part of our prayer

is that our beloved daughters

will grow to

more and more

want to live out the will of God.

Here are 3 pages that address the subject of God's will. 

The Will of God explained

Understanding more about how God's Wil Works

How to walk in God's will


Boys and men need our prayers in this sexual area also, and I encourage that kind of prayer. I have addressed both males and females in my first prayer page about sexual purity: Here

Yet, the Bible does teach us to put the protection of women (generally speaking) higher than the protection of men.  In the Bible, men are charged with protecting women and children. 

One example of this in the Bible is - God tells us that he is a husband to the widow but he never says that he is a wife to the widower. 

So the above information is the reason that I made a special prayer page for our daughters and granddaughters.

2nd Prayer

Loving Lord,

I pray for my daughter concerning the area of dating. 

I pray that you would protect her from boys and men that would want to take advantage of her sexually.

Cover her with her with your wings.

I pray that any male (boy or man) that she dates

will feel compelled to cherish her and protect her purity.

Protect her from all those who would want to harm her or take advantage of her sexually or in any way.

Thank you for giving me the gift of my daughter.

Help me to grow in my prayer life so that my prayers can be used by you to bless her. 

And help me to become more of a godly mentor for her.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Copyright © 2020 Beth McLendon of

Loving Lord,

I pray that you would protect my daughter's mind and heart

from desiring ungodly sexuality. 

I pray that

you would show me

how to cooperate with you

in developing this desire in my daughter.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Copyright © 2018 Beth McLendon of

Prayerfully Consider

Things to Prayerfully Consider

Mothers and Grandmothers:

Consider praying for wisdom

in how to be more open and transparent

with your daughter / granddaughter

about your spiritual life and growth.

Our girls need a

wise guide

not a model of perfection.

Consider sharing about the fact that your life

would have been better

if you had made spiritual growth

more of a priority in your life.

Sharing some of our mistakes

in how we picked males that we dated

can be helpful to

our daughters and granddaughters. 

This website has several dating pages

to give women wise tips for picking men. 

Click here:    Amazing Dating tips

Purity in dating from TV stars and other wise people

Lots of Dating Insights

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