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This week's topic:

Lukewarm Warnings from God

Revelation 3:16

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Fighting Lukewarmness

in your life

and in the life of those you love.

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Highlighted Scripture:

We can always "prove" we are right,

but is the Lord convinced?

Proverbs 16:2 TLB



Are you - Lukewarm and Loving it?

Or are you

on the fence between lukewarm and

being on fire for Jesus?

Our on-fire page: here

ZEAL for God

Creating this page has stirred up my


I hope it will stir up your Zeal also!


Lukewarm Living:

Being too casual and unconcerned about God

Jesus said:

These people honor me

with their lips,

    but their hearts are far from me.

Matthew 15:8 NLT




of becoming


by Pastor Kevin Shell

Beth knows nothing about him.

September 27, 2011:


1. Prayer is either nonexistent or mechanical.

2. You know the Word but you don’t really live it.

3. Thoughts about ETERNAL MATTERS no longer grip your heart.


4. You indulge in inward and outward sin without feeling devastated.

5. A longing for holiness and being set apart is no longer a passion.

6. The pursuit of money, possessions and position grossly overshadow your pursuit of Christ.


7. You can listen to worship music that glorifies God and carnal music that glorifies sin with reasoning and justification.

8. You can hear unbelievers mock the church,and eternal matters without becoming grieved.

9. Your main concerns are your own pleasures and comfort.


10. You no longer have a DEEP HUNGER for God.

11. You no longer live with a full and grateful heart.

12. You have little concern for the eternal souls of others.


13. You always see your level of spirituality in positive terms.

14. You are more concerned about your pet doctrines than people’s souls.

15. Sports and entertainment and your toys and gadgets are to the point of idolatry in your life.


16. You are more concerned with your outward image than your inward reality.

17. You have a head full of biblical knowledge and a heart of stone.

18. You are driven by the lust of the flesh in a major way. (VARIOUS ADDICTIONS – porn, and other sexual sin, drugs, alcohol, gambling etc.


19. You admire God’s Word but see no need to commit to seriously follow it.

20. You go to church to feel something, rather than to hear and respond.

21.You desperately pursue validation from men rather than from God.

Show Jesus you love HIM!

John 14:15 and 14:23


Show the World you are SAVED!

Show the World you are BOLD!

Show the World you LOVE JESUS!


Teenagers can be great teachers.

Here is a great skit made by teens.

Are you praying

- with zeal -

for those you know who are lukewarm?


Questions to Fire you UP!

Will you spend this month being...

Apathetic about Jesus  or  Amazingly on Fire for Jesus?

Bored with God  or  Bold for Christ?

Content in sin  or  Constantly Hungry for more of God?

Determined to be Popular & Accepted  or  Determined to Please God?

Empty Spiritually  or  Enthusiastic for Jesus?

Following Pleasure  or  Following Jesus?

Focused on Selfishness  or  Focused on Serving God?

Going after stuff  or  Going after Jesus?

Hiding from God's truth  or  Hiding Scripture in your heart?

Inspired by entertainment stars  or  Inspired by the one who made the heavenly STARS?

Joyful in sin  or  Joyful in sharing Jesus with others?

Keenly interested in ways to stay away from God  or  Keenly interested in ways to get close to God?

Lukewarm about living for Jesus  or  Lively & Excited about living for Jesus?

Moving toward an easy, self-directed life  or   Moving toward a holy life?

Needy for what the world has to offer  or  Needy for what only God can give?

Open to temptation  or  Open to the leading of the Holy Spirit?

Putting yourself first  or  Putting God first?

Quick to sin  or  Quick to Obey to the Voice of God?

Running from God  or  Running toward God?

Seeking to hide from God  or  Seeking to lay your sins bare before God?

Thrilled by what the world has to offer   or  Thrilled by what Jesus has to offer?

Under the grip of sin and addiction  or  Under the command of God?

Very influenced by entertainment & worldly friends  or  Very influenced by Bible verses?

Walking with the devil  or  walking with God?

X-pert at proving that you are justified

in your life choices


X-pert at kneeling before God and

smashing your pride?

We can always "prove" we are right,

but is the Lord convinced?

Proverbs 16:2 TLB

Yielded to sin  or  Yielded to God?

Zeal filled for getting what you want  or  Zeal filled for following Hard after God's will?

Copyright © 2017 Beth McLendon of


A Dedication Prayer

and then

More videos to Stir up ZEAL for JESUS!

Father God,

I come before you seeking to be overwhelmed - 

with your desires,

with a passion for your will,

with a massive motivation

to echo

your heart of compassion for the lost and lukewarm. 

I am not satisfied with where I am with you.

Psalm 42 inspires me to say,

"As the deer longs for streams of water,

so I long for you, O God.

I am hungry  for your righteousness

to be seen

in my life more and more."

I want to show forth my love for you

in my words,

in my actions,

and in all the depths of my heart. 

I will not live my life giving you

the scraps

of my time and my energy. 

I will place you on the highest throne in my heart.

I will be willing to speak when you want me to speak


be bold when you want me to be bold -

even if my knees are shaking.

Because you mean more to me

than any earthly thing.

And it is my desire that my love for you grow


every day. 

In Jesus' Mighty Name I pray,


Copyright © 2017 Beth McLendon of

More videos to stir up

A humorous look

at living on the

Fence of  Lukewarmness.

The famous "Lukewarm" scene

from the movie

War Room

A Serious Look




I do not wholeheartedly endorse any of the speakers on this page.

I do not know them - so I only endorse the videos
on this page.

Part 2

Part 3

Creating a Passion

for Christ!


The soda represents alcohol.

Scripture: See Isaiah 29:13

which relates to Matthew 15:8.

Enough Excuses -

Let's Live for Jesus....every....MOMENT!

Consider our pages:

On Fire for Jesus!


Feeling God's Love


Understanding more about God's love

God calls us to seek to

follow holiness.

But....Somehow Satan has

convinced many in the church

that the word "holy"

is a bad word.

Why would we listen to the one

who comes to

Steal, Kill, and Destroy?

This page examines the Bible term LUKEWARM.

It was first presented the week of May 29, 2017.

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