Psalm 143

Psalm 143

Verse 10

A Psalm of David

This key verse says...

Teach me to do thy will;

for thou art my God:

thy spirit is good;

lead me into the land of uprightness.


God is our

Heavenly Father, our Savior, our Comforter,

our Helper

and many other blessings to us. 

Check out our Understanding the Trinity.

One key role of God


Our Teacher.

Psalm 143:10 highlights this role.

Teach me - lead me.


In Psalm 143:10,

the Hebrew word translated "uprightness" in the KJV 

is translated as

firm footing (in the NLT) or level ground (in the NIV).

Choosing Uprightness in our life,

leads to level ground

and firm footing

where we

will not easily

fall -

into sin.


God will always lead us toward


which is righteousness.

So if we FOLLOW God,

we will go toward righteousness.


In Psalm 23:3 b KJV says,

He leadeth me

in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

For his name's sake = to bring honor to his name.


God calls his Word - 


for Us.

Without Bible reading,

we become

spiritually weak

and then

temptations will easily overcome us.


In verse 10,

David is showing his respect and reverence for God.

He WANTS to do God's will.

He believes with all his heart that God is good

so he knows he can trust God.


Those who

know and love the law of the Lord,

desire to

know it more and love it better.

Matthew Henry

David WANTS to do God's will.

We see this passion for doing God's will

throughout Psalm 119.

We do not know the human author of Psalm 119.

I will focus on verse 32 in the TLB. 

Keep me far from every wrong;
help me, undeserving as I am,
to obey your laws,
for I have chosen to do right.
31 I cling to your commands and follow them as closely as I can.
Lord, don’t let me make a mess of things.
32 If you will only help me to want your will,

then I will follow your laws even more closely.

Psalm 119:30-32 TLB

That is a great prayer to God.


David WANTS God

to lead him into greater and greater



Sadly, some people do not.

Winking at Sin

Many Christians are not passionate about obeying God.

Many people often wink at sin.

They like to sit on the fence

and gaze longingly at the sins they want to do.


they get as close to the sin line as they can.


Look at the picture to the right and think of the log as separating sinful activities from non-sinful activities. Some people walk as close to sin as they can. However, if you do that, you will sometimes lose your footing and fall into "sin" 

For example, some people try to figure out exactly where the line of sexual sin is, and they try to walk right next to that line. But think about walking a chalk line - one foot exactly in front of the other foot. You are going to sometimes lose your footing and fall into "sin." 

Proverbs 10:10 TLB


Winking at sin leads to sorrow.

Bold reproof leads to peace.


Be firm against temptations.


If you wisely choose to stay

a good distance

from the sin line,

then if you lose your footing,

you still do not

fall into


It is not just about morality.

It is also about loving God.


Jesus says,

"If you love me, you will obey me."

John 14:15 and John 14:23

Do you love God enough

to stay away from sexual sins and  ______ sins ?

Wise people

read the Bible and renew their mind

so that


more and more

think like God

and have the desires of God.


Wise people

seek God's wisdom.


Wisdom is knowing and doing right.

Proverbs 3:21 TLB



Scriptures about God as Teacher


David did some terrible sins.

David tried to learn from his sinful mistakes.

* * * 

David wrote the verse in the picture below.

David also wrote the verses in the section below.


David wrote Psalms 27, 32, and 86.

Psalm 27:11  NKJV 

 Teach me Your way, O Lord,

And lead me in a smooth path, because of my enemies.

Psalm 32:8 NKJV

God says...

 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;

I will guide you with My eye.

(We need to not resist God.)

Psalm 86:11 a NKJV  

Teach me Your way, O Lord;

I will walk in Your truth.


David did not pen the following words.

God gave them to James - the half brother of Jesus...

Submit to God.

Resist the devil.

And he will flee from you.

James 4:7 


our page on this verse.

We call it   The Bible verse of Champions

Prayer for my Loved Ones

Have you encouraged your loved ones today?

Have you prayed for them today?

Loving Lord, 

Bless _______, ______, and ______

with wisdom, good health,

and an ever-growing hunger for

a close relationship with you.


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