Calvinism versus the Bible

Calvinism versus the Bible

Calvinism is

incorrect and harmful.

This page will explain.

But first,

I will share what Salvation correctly is...

Salvation is like

the ancient Jewish marriage tradition.


A young Jewish man falls in love with a woman.

He comes to her house to

"propose marriage."

He brings

wine with him.

He pours a cup of wine in front of the woman.

If she drinks the wine,

they are engaged to be married.


In Salvation...

The young man = God.

God loves us as strongly as any person ever could.

God wants to "marry us" so to speak.

Jesus is even called

"The Bridegroom."

God seeks to draw us into a relationship with him.


just like the ancient Jewish man,

Jesus must


the woman for her hand in marriage.

The woman can

accept or reject

the marriage invitation.

We can accept or reject 

Jesus as Savior and Lord.


God chooses us as his own

and he woos us

to come close to him and walk with him each day.


We know that not everyone accepts God's invitation.


God is ONE God with Three Personalities.

God the Father.

God the Son.

God the Holy Spirit.

Want to know more about God being a Trinity?

Click here


Calvinism versus the Bible

The Dangers



There are few topics that I am more passionate about.

I have

seen and heard

much about

the destruction

that Calvinism has caused.


The main lie of Calvinism


it says that

God does   not   love everyone.

And then, 

it says that only the people God loves goes to heaven.

All other people are doomed to hell. 

This belief




ignores, mangles, and misrepresents



Bible verses.


For example,

This belief

completely destroys the simple message of

John 3:16

which says,



so loved the world,

that he gave his only begotten Son,



believeth in him

should not perish, but have everlasting life." 


And Calvinism destroys

1 Timothy 2:4-6 KJV

Who [meaning Jesus] will have  all  men to be saved,

and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;

Who gave himself a ransom for  all,  to be testified in due time.


God's Amazing Love

is extended toward everybody.


The Gospel is simple.

Anyone can believe in Jesus

as their Savior and LORD of their life

and then

he or she

will be saved from hell and live in heaven forever.


Jesus said,

"I came

not to 

judge the world

but to 


Jesus died for the WHOLE world.

Whether that sacrifice

makes a difference in your life

or not

depends on



If you want to understand

how to

get saved and go to heaven

click -

Explaining Salvation.


Calvinism slanders God's character.



who believe Calvinism

are probably saved and going to heaven after death,


they are hindering some people from salvation.

Notice that

preachers who are Calvinists

rarely teach

on its points


who wants to preach that God does not love everyone?



Highlighted Videos

First video

is a more complete video.

Second video

is short

and the best I could find about

limited atonement,

But it does

use some theological terms that are not used a lot.

This excellent video

highlights two Christian men

who have realized that Calvinism is wrong.

One realized recently.

It begins slowly.

What happens to people

who live in a place

where they never hear about Jesus and the Bible? 

See our Psalm 19 page.


Calvinism versus the Bible

The Bible says...

Salvation is YOUR choice.

(God draws everyone to salvation.)

God says ALL...

"God our Savior

who wants all people to be saved

and to come to the knowledge of the truth."

1 Timothy 2:3b-4 NKJV


"Turn to the Lord!
He can still be found.
    Call out to God! 
He is near.

Give up your evil ways
    and your evil thoughts.
Return to the Lord our God.
He will be merciful
    and forgive your sins."

Isaiah 55:6-7 CEV


Calvinism says...

Salvation is not for everyone.

Calvinism says...

Jesus did not die for all.

See the video below on this topic.

It uses some rarely used theological terms

but it is the best short video

I could find on this topic.

( Specifics about Calvinism and TULIP further down the page. )


Calvinism says...

God arbitrarily decides who goes to heaven.

He chooses some people and not others.

It has nothing to do with

your desires toward God.

It has nothing to do with your heart or your actions.


People who believe in Calvinism



I'm sad to be so blunt - but I say that...

Calvinism is a devilish idea.

It obviously came from the devil.

~ ~ ~


tells people

that God doesn't love everybody

when it is clear

in Scripture

that he does.

The result of this devilish belief 

is that


who do not know Scripture and believe Scripture

will decide that

God doesn't love them...

so why pursue a relationship with God?


I have known people

who say,

"God decides who goes to heaven.

I have nothing to do with it.

So I might as well enjoy life on earth and sin.

Nothing I do matters.

If God wants me in heaven, I will be there

and if not,

I will at least enjoy my time on earth.


The above words 

make it clear that 

this belief is used by the devil to take some people to 




when you carefully look at their beliefs,

you can see that this belief system

discourages people

and depresses people.

For example,

Calvinism makes you consider that

maybe your loved ones aren't loved by God.


Calvinism misinterprets

the phrase

The Elect.


Here is a page I did on explaining what God actually says about

"The elect."


The first time

I heard about Calvinism

was when

I was in seminary.

The ideas of Calvinism

were presented

and my first reaction was 

"Calvinism is ridiculous.

Who in the world would believe in Calvinism?"



I found out that

some of my loved ones

actually believed in Calvinism.

And from talking to them,

I became even more horrified

at what

Calvinism can do to a person.



makes lost sinners feel justified in ignoring the Gospel.

As I have talked to people who believe in Calvinism - including loved ones - I have found that many people who are lukewarm toward God believe in the tenants of Calvinism. Many of them do not know the word "Calvinism" but they believe its tenants.

Calvinism is used by the devil to get people to be oblivious to God.  After all, if God decides who goes to heaven - even to the point of who WANTS to go to heaven - then I might as well ignore God.
If God wants me, then he will do what it takes because
Calvinism says that I cannot resist God.

Those are Devilish Doctrines!


What is Tulip?


Tulip stands for the beliefs of Calvinism.

In Calvinism -

God varies in the way he deals with people -

people seeking God or not

doesn't matter when it comes to who God loves.

T -

Stands for Total Depravity

Adam sinned and therefore the whole human race is affected with sin. Humans are too wicked to choose God. 

U -

Stands for Unconditional Election

This Calvinist view says that God chooses who will be saved. Because people are dead in their sins, they are unable to initiate a response to God. In eternity past, God elected certain people to be saved. The saved people are called the Elect. God picks them based not on their personal character or merit, but out of his kindness and sovereign will. It also means that election for salvation is not based on God's foreknowledge of who would come to faith in the future.

Since some are chosen for salvation, others are not. Those not chosen are the damned, destined for an eternity in hell.

L -

Stands for Limited Atonement 

This point says that Jesus didn't die for everyone. Jesus only died for those God is going to choose and take to heaven. 

I -

Stands for Irresistible Grace

Those God chooses to go to heaven have to respond positively to the call of God. This point says that God's conviction of sin is irresistible. If God stirs you to get saved and follow him - you will. You cannot say, "No," to God.

P -

Stands for Perseverance of the Saints

God not only causes you to accept Jesus as Savior, he makes sure you continue in following Jesus.


T in Tulip is for

Total Depravity.

Calvinists do not believe we have free will

to choose Jesus.

This video


Total Depravity.

God gives us Free Will.

In order to freely love God,

we have to have a choice.

Check out our God's will is not always done

'As I live," says the Lord God,

‘I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked,
but that
the wicked
turn from his way and live.
Turn, turn from your evil ways!
For why should you die, O house of Israel?’

Ezekiel 33:11 NKJV




Calvinists are usually not concerned by their contradictions.

They just label them mysteries and ignore them.

This video explains.


Sometime speakers use humor to get people to agree with them.

Calvinism versus the Bible

I am probably going to make a

page 2

for those who want more videos on this topic.

If you are interested in page 2

contact me,

and I'll send you an e-mail when it is finished.

Consider our page: God's will is not always done

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Calvinism versus the Bible was posted in September 2023.

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