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The topic this week is:

Learning to Forgive

Click here for links to all our forgiveness resources.


Unforgiveness has at its root

a painful wound. 

Therefore, I know that this subject

will be

a difficult one for many people.


I seek to be gentle as I help you to follow God

in forgiveness.



If forgiveness was easy, everyone would do it.



is a learned skill.


Some people have found the secrets to forgive,

BUT most struggle.


Those who have learned how to forgive,


know how to pass on help to others.


Those who have found forgiveness


end up being more equipped to help others learn.

Monday's Thoughts Continued:

Forgiveness is not something

we are born

knowing how to do.

Nevertheless, it can be learned.

Do you want to learn?

Does the Bible say we have to forgive?


In Matthew 6:14-15 NKJV, Jesus says,

"For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly

Father will also forgive you.

But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will

your Father forgive your trespasses."

What if Jesus was really serious about that?


What if he really means that?


What if God forgives us only when we forgive others?

I encourage you to seriously ponder the words of Jesus

and make

learning to forgive -

a priority.

When it comes to forgiveness,

I cannot express strongly enough

that all of us

have good reasons -  not -  to forgive.

You don't have to live very long to find yourself in situations where you have been treated unfairly and even treated in a cruel way.

The truth of the matter is that we have all been treated in mean, cruel ways - and in the future we will all have to face unfair treatment.

In addition,

we may have to

watch someone we love

be treated in a cruel way,

yet God still commands us to forgive.

No matter how good our reasons are to withhold forgiveness, we are told in the Bible to forgive anyway.

So we need to make learning to forgive a priority.

Monday's Assignment: 

Today your assignment is to decide to give God the opportunity to move you forward in forgiveness this week.

I am asking you to

at least put your toe in the water of forgiveness

this week. 


Most people say "Just do it,"

but that is not helpful advice.

Many Bible teachers shout to the world about God’s command to forgive, yet when pinned down as to how, they answer, “Just do it.”

Some of us need more help than that.

When I was faced with a large forgiveness need in my life, I went to God and said, “I want to forgive; teach me how.”

God loves to answer that prayer.

This week I will share tips on how to forgive.

If you can complete the process of forgiveness this week, that is great.

But if you don't,

just realize that you have started.

Then choose to be determined to continue

until it is completed. 


Tuesday's Assignments:

Today's 5 Steps

1. Picture the wall that you have put up to keep forgiveness away from you.

2. Picture yourself taking two bricks off that wall.

3. Next, read and consider praying the prayer that follows these instructions.

4. Then listen to the song that comes after the prayer.

5. Next, encourage yourself for being bold and moving forward in obedience to God.

Dear Lord,

I'm coming to you today and acknowledging my unforgiveness.

I am asking for your help.

Lord, help me move forward toward forgiveness.

I declare: By an act of my will, by the power of God, in the name of Jesus, I will move forward and allow myself to contemplate forgiveness. I will open my mind to thoughts of forgiveness.


Copyright © 2014 Beth McLendon of


Forgiveness is easy!

Liar, Liar, pants on fire.

Forgiveness is not easy.

Yes, some have learned the secrets of easily forgiving small things, BUT a deep wound is never EASY to forgive.

Forgiveness requires some work. 

In order to forgive, we have to renew our mind in the area of forgiveness.

The Process of Renewing our Mind about Forgiveness

Here are some insights

  • Part of that work is meditating on what the Bible says about forgiveness.
  • Part of that work is listening to wise tips about forgiveness
  • Part of the process is praying to God about forgiveness.

Wednesday's Assignments:

Today's 3 Steps

1. Take 2 more bricks off the wall.

2. Read and consider the following teaching on forgiveness.

Click: Learning to Forgive

Note that some of the content is also repeated
from Monday and Tuesday of this week,
but I hope you will see repetition as a good thing
that brings deeper healing the second time.

3. Encourage yourself with everything you have done to move forward this week.


There is a lot of extra material on this page.

Be sure and read all the way down.

Forgiveness is at the heart

of the Gospel message.

"And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted,

forgiving one another,

even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you."

Ephesians 4:32 KJV

If you have not forgiven,

then you are still tangled in the hurt.

Why do people hurt us?

For many of you, understanding the root of the meanness in the other person will help you forgive.

~ ~ ~

The person who hurt you probably has a hard heart.
Satan's team wants your pain to harden your heart.
He wants to steal your tender heart and replace it with a heart of cold iron.

Note that you cannot have a heart of iron for some people

and a totally tender heart toward others.

Some of that cold iron will affect the tenderness you have

for all the other people in your life. 

Don't let the enemy make you into HIS image.

Seek to be more and more in the image of God.

People are capable of doing horribly hurtful

things to us.


Would Jesus have done to you what your enemies

have done to you?




Would you have been able to avoid this place of upset
if your "enemy" had acted like Jesus?



I submit to you that in almost all cases,

the answer is


Would you agree...

that if one of your enemies was acting like Jesus and

showing God's love -

that you would probably not feel that this person was

your enemy?

- - -

In most cases, this person is your enemy because he or she isn't following God and his Word.

Therefore, this person needs to think and act like God. To do that, this person needs a right relationship with God.

Hurt people hurt people.

Until a person has developed a good relationship

with Father God

and until a person has learned to receive God's love,

that person is a prime candidate to hurt people.

Part of the previous teaching was a little of the teaching found on our
Prayers for Enemies page

Also note that we have very specific insights on our

How to Forgive page.

Thursday's Assignments:

Today's 5 Steps

1. Read the following prayer and consider praying that prayer.

2. Listen or relisten to Beckah Shae's song found farther down the page. Consider listening to the song "Just Let it Go."

3. Think about the things you have read and think about Kevin LeVar's song. Repeat whatever has seemed to be most helpful in moving you forward this week. 

4. Decide how many bricks you will take off the wall today and boldly take them and throw them away.

5. Encourage yourself with everything you have done to move forward this week.

Dear Lord,

I pray that you would soften my heart concerning prayer for my enemies. I pray that you would help me to realize that my enemies desperately need to know you, respect you, and obey you.

Help me to remember that their lack of love comes from their lack of knowing you - the God of Love.


Copyright © 2012 Beth McLendon of

Taken from the Prayer for Enemies page

Note that when you do decide to forgive and pray a prayer of forgiveness, you may find that the next day
it doesn't seem to have "stuck."

Don't let that throw you.

Just realize that for really painful wounds, it may take more than one day of praying the prayer of forgiveness.

Just go back through some steps and get yourself mentally ready to pray a prayer of forgiveness again.

Don't get discouraged. You are making powerful progress.

I had to pray a prayer of forgiveness (and sometimes review some steps) for many days before the pain went away.

But now it is gone and I am free. I can think about the person
and not feel angry, upset feelings. That is a blessed freedom.


If a few months from now, unforgiveness tries to pop itself back into your life,
just go back through some of the teaching and get yourself mentally ready and then pray this short prayer or the longer one farther down the page:

Dear God,

By an act of my will, by the power of God, in the name of Jesus,
I forgive ____________.


If today you are not ready to forgive,


here are the pages on this site

that deal with Forgiveness of Others.

I urge you to check them out to see if they can help you.

Topic of - Forgiveness

Learning to Forgive  written version

Learning to Forgive - the audio version

How to Forgive - Specific tips and strategies

How to Forgive Part Two

Show Notes on Forgiveness

Trading my Nickel for God's Dime   A devotional on forgiveness

Prayer for Enemies

If you are Ready to Forgive

If you are ready to forgive, then great!

I celebrate with you!

Make up your own prayer or

consider praying the following prayer:

Dear Lord,

Forgive me for my unforgiveness. I want to forgive today.

By an act of my will, by the power of God, in the name of Jesus, I forgive __________.

I let all my anger and upset and offense go. I walk free, and I give freedom to ____________.


Copyright 2014 Beth McLendon of

There is a lot more on this page

but first

some movies that will probably help you.

Help from Movies

It helps to watch movies
that give us a vision of people forgiving difficult things.

"Undercover Bridesmaid"

is an action, romance, comedy 

with a gentle,

compelling message of forgiveness



"Ace Wonder"

is a family mystery/comedy

that is delightful and insightful.


"Come Dance at my Wedding"

is a fun, entertaining

movie with a testimony of

forgiveness woven in.


"Taken by Grace"

is a gritty, real movie about

forgiving difficult things.

More Inspirational Music

I hope you will be able to let this music

bring healing into your heart.

I really like the above song, and I believe it will be helpful to most people in moving them forward in forgiveness.


I have a disclaimer.

A disclaimer:

In the song it has the lyrics:  I'm worth only what I give.

I hope that line will not interfere with anyone
gleaning the abundant blessings
that are placed inside that song.

I do not understand what the composer means here, but I want to explain that if it means what it appears to mean, I do not agree with that statement. God tells us that we are precious to him; therefore, we are not worth only what we give.

Another Song About Forgiveness

See the lyrics below

You are waiting on a beach
For a healing word to come
Maybe an apology in a bottle
Maybe a flare that says, "I'm sorry"
And the hurting leaves you numb
Will you forgive?
Will you forget?
Will you live what you know?
He left his rights
Will you leave yours?
You don't understand it
Let it go

You are waiting on a beach
This is where the east meets west
And as another sun sets on your anger
The darkness laughs, as the wound destroys
And it turns your prayers to noise
Will you forgive?
Will you forget?
Will you live what you know?
He left his rights
Will you leave yours?
You won't understand it
Let it go
You won't understand it
Let it go
This bitterness you hide
It seeps into your soul
And it steals your joy
'Til it's all you know
And let it go
Let it go
Let it go
Let it go
Will you forgive?
Will you forget?
Will you live what you know?
He left his rights 
Will you leave yours?
You won't understand it
Let it go
Will you forgive?
Will you forget?
Will you live what you know?
Beneath the cross
You hear His words
"Father, forgive them"
And you know
You can't understand it
Let it go
Just let it go
Just let it go
Just let it go
Just let it go
Just let it go
Just let it go
Just let it go
Just let it go
Just let it go

first presented June 2, 2014

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