Psalm 93

Psalm 93

The Majesty of God

A simple commentary and a celebration

of Psalm 93.


with all

Power, Authority, and Sovereignty



we experience

Musical Majesty & Power

Verse 1

 The Lord reigneth, he is clothed with majesty;

the Lord is clothed with strength,

wherewith he hath

girded himself:

the world also is stablished,

that it cannot be moved.

Commentary is underneath each verse:

Our God is... 

Reigning over everything.

Our God is...

Strong and full of Majesty.

The world God made

stands firm


cannot be shaken

by anyone or anything

but him.

For You, Lord,

are most high above all the earth.

Psalm 97:9a NKJV

Verse 2

Thy throne is established of old: thou art from everlasting.

God is eternal.

He ruled from the everlasting past,

he rules in the present,


he will rule for all eternity.

The Lord shall reign FOREVER!

Psalm 146:10a

Verse 3

The floods have lifted up, O Lord,

the floods have lifted up their voice;

the floods lift up their waves.

Flood waters are powerful.

I have seen flood waters

move a house down the interstate road.

Waves such as tsunami waves can take out a city.


God is Mightier!

How great is our Lord!

His power is absolute!

    His understanding is beyond comprehension!

Psalm 147:5 NLT

Verse 4

The Lord on high is mightier

than the noise of many waters,


than the mighty waves of the sea.

God is Mighty!

There are many powerful things


God is Mightier!

No matter how powerful

the flood waters are

or how powerful

a tsumnai wave is -

God is more powerful.

This is also true for things in our life

that try to attack us


overwhelm us.


A spiritual flood or spiritual tsumnai

may try

to harm us,


God is more powerful.

God is Mightier than anything 

we could ever face.

The Seas are mighty


we are on the boat



the Commander of the Armies of Heaven.


We are safe!


Below is another version of the first presented song.

While watching this video

we can imagine


we are among the waves


we are safe on the boat


Our Savior.

Some trust in chariots,

others in horses,

    but we trust the Lord our God.

 They are overwhelmed and defeated,

but we march forward and win.

Psalm 20:7-8 NCV

Verse 5

Thy testimonies are very sure:

holiness becometh thine house,

O Lord, for ever.

God's words are sure: true, stable, dependable, and eternal.

God's house

and his entire kingdom


established on holiness.


Those who truly worship God

do so

with a heart that yearns for holiness.

God tells us to:

Worship the Lord with the beauty of holiness.

Psalm 96:9


God wants us to seek to yield to him

and become more holy


as we now say:

more like Jesus!

- - - 


the devil has been successful


making the word


a bad word in our world - 

and even in some churches.


in God's eyes


is a beautiful word,


God wants us to yearn for more of it in our life.

Jesus said,

If you love me, you will obey me.

John 14:23

How do we get

more power for obedience?

We read God's Word!

And We pray!

AND Ephesians 6 says to PUT ON the
Full Armor of God
so we can be
Strong in Obedience
to God.

We have great prayers

about the

Full Armor of God!

Consider visiting:

The Sword of the Spirit


Full Armor Prayer for Women


Full Armor Prayer for Men

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