Psalm 83

Psalm 83

A Psalm of Asaph


This Psalm is about...

The Psalm 83 War


This Psalm is a

Prayer for Victory for Israel in a future war.

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Scroll down to understand more about

end times and the return of Jesus.

This page is posted in October 2022.


Helpful Insights

about this war.

This video was posted in July 2022.


another video about this war

The video below was posted in July 2022.

Below the video are time stamps for content.

Time Stamps for Content

0:00 Introduction to Psalm 83 and Bill Salus.

3:36 Who are the players AGAINST Israel of Psalm 83 TODAY?

5:25 Was Psalm 83 already fulfilled or is it still to come?

8:30 How does Psalm 83 relates to War of Gog & Magog in Ezekiel 38, 39?

10:24 Three nations that are predicted to turn against Israel that may be at peace now.

12:13 How significant is the prophecy of the destruction of Damascus to the Middle East and Iran?

14:55 What happens AFTER the wars?

16:39 Where you can follow Bill for MORE prophetic updates.

17:11 Closing Statement from Erick.

The content on this page is about

End times - including Bible Prophecy.

Below is an outline of the events in 

The Tribulation and Beyond.


One day

probably soon

there will be a time called

The Tribulation.

It is described in the Book of Revelation.

It will probably last 7 years.

A person will rise up as a world leader.

The Bible calls this leader

the anti-christ.

That person will eventually be ruling all the governments

on the earth and

bring down harshness

on the earth

to those who disobey him.

There will be an evil one-world religion

that everyone will be

told that they must join.

That one-world religion is forming today.

Many who are helping form it are deceived.

In this topic and every topic of life....

unless we are continually

reading and studying our Bible,

Christians will easily be deceived.

THE One World Religion

The one world religion is forming now.

The Pope is in the middle of this formation.

MANY Protestant pastors and leaders are joining this movement - also called
the Ecumenical Movement or Interfaith Movement.

This movement wants to unify ALL the religions of the world not just Christian religions.

They are wanting to unify with the Hindu religion, the Buddhist religion, etc.

ALL the religions!

The Pope has even led interfaith religious services!

That is forbidden by God.

This movement will eventually say you can get to God

through all these religions.

Some in this movement are already saying that

ALL paths lead to God.

In Matthew 7:13-14

Jesus says the road to God is narrow and few find it.

But broad is the path that leads to hell.


In John 14:6

Jesus says,

"I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE.

NO ONE comes to the Father but by me."

There is only one way to God.

But there are a thousand ways to Satan.

God forbids us to unite with religions

that do not follow him.

Instead, God tells us to share the Gospel with them.

Just to let you know...

This movement is NOT encouraging the sharing of the

Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To get examples about how

the one-world religion is forming,

look to our page about end times. Click here

More about The Tribulation

In the tribulation,

everyone will have to take

the mark of the beast or they will be beheaded.

The Bible says that if a person takes the mark,

he or she will go to hell with no ability to repent.

It is THE ONLY sin that God will not forgive. 

See our page Mark of the Beast 

It will be a horrible time unlike any other time.

Very few will be able to hide and escape being beheaded.

This will also be the wrath of God poured out

toward this sinful world.

Many including myself

believe that those who follow

Jesus as their Lord

will leave in

The Rapture

and be taken to heaven.

right before or soon after

The Tribulation starts.

At the end of the Tribulation,

Jesus will come back to the earth

to destroy the anti-christ and those who follow him.

Jesus will then visibly

rule and reign in 


for 1,000 years.


Those who do not die in

The Tribulation


who have become

devoted followers of Jesus during the tribulation

will then enter a time the Bible calls

The Millennium.

Many or most of them will be Jews

who have accepted Jesus as Messiah in the Tribulation.

The Bible tells us that God centers on the Jewish people during the tribulation. God will reveal that Jesus is their Messiah through the Two Witnesses and other means.

In the millennium,

Jesus will set up his earthly kingdom.

There are many Bible verses about this kingdom.

In the millennium,

Jesus will reign for 1,000 years

on the throne of David in Jerusalem. 

At that time, Jesus will not allow evil to run amuck.

People will be able to sin

but not to the degree that God allows it now.

During this 1,000 years,

Satan is held captive and unable to do anything.


After the 1,000 years,
Satan will be released and will attempt to deceive the people to follow him and he will try to overthrow Jesus.

Satan will lose.
Satan will then be permanently held captive for all eternity with all his demonic ones. 

After the Millennium,

all who follow Jesus as their Lord

will enter

Eternity with Jesus.

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