What is Heaven like?

Have you ever wondered,

"What is heaven like?"

Many people have the wrong idea about heaven.

Recently I woke up thinking a lot about heaven.

A Bible verse popped into my mind.

“Fix your thoughts on what is true and good and right.

Think about things that are pure and lovely, and

dwell on the fine, good things in others.

Think about all you can praise God for

and be glad about.”

Philippians 4:8


As I thought about that verse,

I realized that

the contents of

Philippians 4:8

probably describe what we will think about in heaven.

I think about heaven a lot.

I am looking forward to going to heaven and seeing Jesus.


Dying Suddenly

I have had many loved ones die,


several have died suddenly.

One suddenly drop dead of an aneurysm.

Another loved one die suddenly as he knelt before his bed praying. He was found tipped over on the floor in a praying position. He had a special medic alert bracelet that he could have pressed for help, but he died so quickly that he had no time to press it.

Many people do not like to think about the possibility of dying suddenly and standing before the Lord. Many people are not ready to meet their maker.

Are you excited about

the thought of

getting to see your


face to face?

Are you excited about going to your heavenly home?




Many people

have a

wrong idea


what it is like to live in heaven.


Many people think

going to heaven


living in their own personal palace of pleasure.

They think they will finally truly be their own boss.

They think they will finally get to make all their own rules.

They think heaven is a wild,

sinful party place

where they will hang with all their party friends.

Nothing could be further from the truth.


What is Heaven like?

If you want to know what heaven is like,

look at how God wants you to live on earth.

Heaven's rules

are basically the rules laid out

in the Bible

for life on earth.


If you don't want to live under Biblical rules on earth,

you wouldn't be happy

living under the

Biblical rules of heaven..............

and moreover, you won't ever get to try.

Heaven is made for those

who want to be with God –

living under his rules.


Heaven is for people who love God


love being with God.


Heaven is for those

who realize their sinfulness

and want a


to help them to become more like Jesus on this earth.


To sum it up -

Heaven is for God's friends

not for those

who want little or nothing to do with him.

Heaven is full of

all that is good

but it is also full of

God's rules and God's ways

of doing things.

Heaven is all God – all the time.

God can change your heart if you will let him.



is the opposite of

anything about God

and that means the opposite of anything good.


Hell was made for

the devil and the fallen angels.


"What is heaven like?"

Think about the good things

in heaven

such as the following four things:

  1. Having a body that is free of all pain - that is a God concept - so that is only in heaven.

  2. Friendship - Friendship is a God concept – that is a good thing - so enjoying friendships will only be in heaven.

  3. Having companionship of any kind – that is a God concept – so that is only in heaven (notice that even on earth being in solitary confinement is a punishment – in hell a person will be in solitary confinement being punished for all eternity.
    Think of an eternity spent all alone.
    Your only companions will be demonic beings who will torment you for all eternity.
    The reason Hell is an awful place is because Satan and his demons are the rule-makers of hell.

  4. Having something meaningful to do – that is a God concept – so that is only in heaven.

Think about hell.

There is nothing good in hell.


All good God-concepts are absent from hell.

1. In hell, people have a body but it is never free of pain.

Every body will be in pain for eternity.

2. There are no friends to visit and talk to.

3. There are no companions of any kind to enjoy.

4. There are no meaningful activities.

5. There is no fun.


How do you get to Heaven?

On this earth - YOU have the choice of choosing God's ways or choosing rebellion against God's ways.

God tells the truth in the Bible because he loves us.

Many people have the wrong idea about


a person gets to heaven.


Many believe that you get to heaven

by being GOOD enough.


That is a

preposterous idea

that has no basis in the Bible.

There are many verses that show

that idea

to be totally wrong,

but I will give just one.

Ephesians 2:9:

“Salvation is not a reward

for the good we have done,

so none of us can take any credit for it.”

The Bible tells us that no one is good enough.

That is why

Jesus came to die for us.

The Sacrifice of Jesus

Jesus endured

a horrible death


it was the only way to save us from hell.


There would be no reason for Jesus to die for us


all we had to do

was do some good deeds in order to

get to heaven.


Jesus knew the reality of hell,

and he didn't want any of us to go there.

Hell was designed for Satan and the fallen angels that followed Satan

when he rebelled against God.

The Bible says to turn to God

and be saved

WHILE there is time.

Isaiah 55:6 says,

“Seek the Lord while he may be found.”

That means seek him now


you don't know when you will suddenly die

and see the Lord face to face.

Then it is too late to repent.


The choice you lived with on earth

will be

your choice for all eternity.


A salvation commitment to God must be a real heart-felt one

and not just a passing prayer prayed long ago – that has

produced nothing in your life.


If you would like to pray a prayer for salvation click:

Prayer for Salvation.

When you are truly following God,

you will see yourself changing the way you think and act.


It is a process that takes a life-time and is never complete.

Ephesians 4:23 TLB tells Christians,

“Your attitudes and thoughts must all be

constantly changing

for the better.”


Ephesians 4:23-24 AMP tells Christians,

“And be constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind

[having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude].

And put on the new nature

(the regenerate self)

created in God's image,

[Godlike] in true righteousness and holiness..”

If people close to you aren't seeing you change for the better as the years go by, then I beg you to take some time and get serious about your spiritual condition.

Please consider reading the little book of

1 John

found at the end of the Bible after 2 Peter.

It is only 5 chapters.

I suggest that we all read 1 John this week.

It is only 5 chapters, and

it will help us evaluate our spiritual condition.


There is nothing

nothing -

more important to do this year,

than to evaluate your spiritual condition


make a fresh commitment to God to

follow him and to make him Lord

of every day of your life.


"What is heaven like?" That is an important question.

Pondering "What is heaven like" will help us evaluate our life and focus our mind on what is truly important in life.

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