Psalm 69

I think these are Scriptures from Always song

Isaiah 42:16 (NIV)

Psalm 121:3

1 Cor 4:7-16

psalm 86:6-7

John 16:33

Psalm 30:5

Matt 11:27-28

Psalm 69

Scripture Prayer


Strength and Encouragement


you feel overwhelmed.

And then 

we present

Inspirational Songs.

We've all been in overwhelming situations.


Let's pray

Psalm 69

when we need

God's Overcoming Strength!

I am using

The Living Bible translation -

and I am using selected verses for the prayer.

Heavenly Father...

Save me, O my God.

The floods have risen.

Deeper and deeper

I sink in the mire,

the waters rise around me.

(v 1-2)

But I keep right on praying to you, Lord.

For now is the time -

you are bending down to hear!

You are ready

with a plentiful supply of love and kindness.

(v 13)

Now answer my prayer and rescue me

as you promised.

Pull me out of this mire.

Don't let me sink in.

Rescue me from those who hate me,

and from

these deep waters I am in.

(v 14)

O Jehovah, answer my prayers,

for your lovingkindness is wonderful;

your mercy is so plentiful,

so tender and so kind.

Don't hide from me,

for I am in deep trouble.


Come and save me.

Come, Lord, and rescue me.

Ransom me from all my enemies.

(v 15-18)

Their contempt has broken my heart;

my spirit is heavy within me.

(v 20 a)

But rescue me, O God,

from my poverty and pain.

Then I will praise God with my singing!

My thanks will be his praise.

(v 29-30)

The humble shall see

their God at work for them.

No wonder they will be glad!

All who seek for God shall live in joy!

For Jehovah hears

the cries of his needy ones,

and does not look the other way.

( v 32-33)

Praise him all heaven and earth!

Praise him, all the seas and everything in them!

( v 34)



Consider the words:

those who hate me (verse 14).... my enemies (verse 18) ....

Those references are frequently defined as 

the devil and our demonic spiritual enemies

and not necessarily human people.

Next, we have


uplifting songs

for times of trouble.

Musical Strength

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