Psalm 54

Psalm 54 

A Psalm of David

The 54th Psalm

is for those who

are crying out for


Psalm 54

Stirs us



in our troubles


toward the


placed in our future.

Verse 1-2

1 Save me, O God, by thy name, and judge me by thy strength.

2 Hear my prayer,

O God; give ear to the words of my mouth

Two words

that burst out from David's lips.


Many people reading this

will be facing


in this very day.


Many of you are needing God to SAVE YOU!

David teaches us to say,

"Save me, O God, by thy name."


If you need some help

from God today,

I strongly suggest

the following video.


Each time I listen to it,

it strengthens me,  energizes me


takes me up above my circumstances!


 Please start listening at 6 minutes.

The beginning is just "church business."



Comments from the video:

At the time of this psalm,

King Saul was after David to kill him.

David was seeking to find places of refuge in the hill country of  Ziph.

David thought the Ziphites (also called the Ziphims) would shelter him and help refresh him.

Instead of protecting David, the Ziphites let Saul know where to find David.

See -  1 Samuel 26:1-2

This Psalm is a


which means

 An instruction


Psalm 54 brings


in how to handle


First thing

we need to do -

We must cry out to the Lord.

"God, save me!"

If it is an emergency, cry out like it is an emergency!

Verse 3 

For strangers are risen up against me, and oppressors
seek after my soul:
they have not set God before them.



Verse three has the word "Selah."

While talking about the word "Selah,"

the speaker in the video

says that

after we cry out to the Lord,

we need to:





While resting, chill.

While resting, reflect.

What do we reflect on?

Reflect on who you are.

Reflect on whose you are.

Reflect on WHO God IS!

While you are reflecting, recalibrate.

Recalibrate: rethink and fix what is broken.

Then the final thing you do is


Verse 4:


God is mine helper:

the Lord is with them that uphold my soul.

Some Bible versions say in verse 4:

God is my helper.

The Speaker in the video says:

While Praising -

Remember to speak out loud

four words

that will change

any situation:

GOD -  IS -  MY -  HELPER!

Psalm 54:4

Praise God!


If you need to,

Give a



Praise and Celebration.

End of the video highlights.

What Words are you Speaking today?

Are they words of POWER?


Are they words of Defeat?


The Bible says:

David encouraged himself in the Lord.

1 Samuel 30:6b

Let's take David's wise advice!


I urge you to say this with me:

"I will encourage myself in the Lord!"

 Strength from God

Come with great power, O God,

and rescue me!

    Defend me with your might.

Psalm 54:1 NLT


Scriptures that give us


Next video:

Scriptures that

help us

Solidify our

Trust in God

To make a video - full screen - click the bottom right of the video.


In verse 5 and in verse 7,

the Bible speak of our enemies.

Verse 5 

He shall reward evil unto mine enemies:

cut them off in thy truth.

Verse 7 

For he hath delivered me out of all trouble:

and mine eye hath seen his desire

upon mine enemies.

Note that God tells us

in the New Testament

that we need focus


the evil demonic forces

when we think about the word "enemies."

Ephesians tells us:

Put on the whole armor of God,

that ye may be able

to stand

against the wiles of the devil.

 For we wrestle not

against flesh and blood,

but against principalities, against powers,

against the rulers of the darkness of this world,

against spiritual wickedness

in high places.

Ephesians 6:11-12 KJV

So when we see

the word


in psalms,

it is wise to focus on the

spiritual demonic forces - not focus on people.

Verse 5

He shall reward evil unto mine enemies:

cut them off in thy truth.


God uses the truth of the Bible

- the words of the Bible -

to cut off and conquer the enemy forces.


We need to learn to use

the Word of God

to defeat the enemy.

Verse 6

 I will freely sacrifice unto thee:

I will praise thy name, O Lord;

for it is good.

The Psalms are full of

God telling us to

Praise God.

One of the best examples of this is

Psalm 150

Consider visiting our page:

Psalm 150 -

the fun psalm

Verse 7

7 For he hath delivered me
out of all trouble:
and mine eye hath seen
his desire upon mine enemies.

David had experienced God delivering him

from his enemies

and all his troubles

before -

and he knew he would see that again.


One of the great things

about being a believer for a long time,

is that you have past experiences

where God

has done miracles for you.


When you are in a tight spot,

you can remember

what God did

for you


and that


your faith in your trials of


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Before we go to the

musical section

we have one very quick teaching.

Hebrew word 1777

The word


in verse 1

judge me by thy strength


What does it mean?

In Strong's Hebrew it explains that the word translated "judge" in the King James Version is the Hebrew word 01777.

That word can mean: Govern me, rule me, give out decree for me, or -  give out judgements against others on my behalf

I believe in Psalm 54:1

the word "judge" should be translated:

give out judgements against others on my behalf

That Hebrew word is translated as the following words in the KJV Bible:

judge 18 times, plead the cause 2, contend 1, execute 1, plead 1,
strife 1; total: 24 times

1) to judge, contend, plead
1a) (Qal)
1a1) to act as judge, minister judgment
1a2) to plead a cause
1a3) to execute judgment, requite, vindicate
1a4) to govern
1a5) to contend, strive
1b) (Niphal) to be at strife, quarrel

Consider visiting our pages:

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Musical Encouragement

Music to uplift

Proclamation to say out loud:

My heart is fixed and steadfast on the Lord.

Scripture to say out loud:

My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed:

I will sing and give praise.

Psalm 57:7 KJV

This is the


referred to in the first video:

Mahalia Jackson

Soon we'll be done

Trouble of the World

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