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Psalm 32


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 being right with God

This page highlights:

Psalm 32


Psalm of David

Part 1 of 4 

The Joy of God's Forgiveness!

Psalm 32 verse 1

The first word can be translated

"happy, joyful, or blessed."

3 Different Translations:

are those whose sins are forgiven,
whose wrongs are pardoned.
Good News Translation

Oh, what joy
for those whose disobedience is forgiven,
whose sin is put out of sight!


 is he whose transgression is forgiven,
 whose sin is covered.

The Hebrew word "esher" can be translated:




Getting right with God is


It brings

sunshine to our day!

The entire Psalm is written out at the bottom of the page.


Below is an inspirational video on

Psalm 32.

God created us to follow him and

when we sin -

he intends for us to quickly come to him

and get right with him

through repentance and



turning away from that sin.



until you defeat that particular sin in your life!

As the speaker mentioned,

when we neglect to come before God and repent of our sins,

it can affect us

mentally, emotionally, and even physically. 


We need to repent when...

we continually

give in to a particular sin

- such as a lifestyle of a sinful addiction - 

instead of

repenting and

turning away from that sin


when we have sinned in the past in some way and

we refuse to confess it to God

and ask for his forgiveness.

If we confess our sins,

God is faithful and just

to forgive us our sins,


to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

1 John 1:9

"Confess your sins"

"Confess" means to say the same thing -

So we confess our sins by agreeing with God.

We confess that we have sinned by doing _______

because God says _________ is a sin.

 Oh the Blessed Mercy of God!

When God convicts you of sin,

his words

are aimed

at one or more specific sins,

not your self-worth.


Reject words of condemnation

that tell you

that you are are no good.

Those words

are not from God.


Welcome the words

that illuminate your sins so that

you can repent and experience a fresh start.

That is what God will say to you.

Part 2 of 4 

Let's Get Right with God!


We only fool ourselves and fight a losing battle

when we think we can stay close to God

without repenting of our sins.

We all sin - and all too often.

God gives us the joyous blessing of forgiveness!

David wrote Psalm 32.

David was a true follower of God.

And yet he sinned.

And when David sinned


neglected to repent,

his relationship

with God stagnated


his mind and body suffered.

We can't be truly happy,

unless we are

Right with God!

Happiness is


Right with God!

More about the

Recipe for Happiness

Same speaker

but a very different message from video above.

Psalm 17:15 TLB teaches us to say...

But as for me,

my contentment

is not in wealth

but in

seeing you [God]

and knowing

all is well between us.

And when I awake in heaven,

I will be fully satisfied,

for I will see you face-to-face. 

Consider our Psalm 17 page. 

Part 3 of 4 

Get right with God - 

Stay right with God.



is the way to stay close to God...

When you sin,

be quick to repent.

God is ready to give you a clean slate. 

When God says "No" to our desire to sin -

he is saving us from heartache.

God knows the best way to live. 

As Psalm 32 tells us:

There is


in being right with the Lord.


We stay right with God

by intentionally

putting God on the throne of our heart

every day.

Each of us is

Prone to Wander

away from


There is an old hymn that says:

Prone to wander,

Lord, I feel it,

prone to leave the God I love;

here's my heart, O take and seal it;

seal it for thy courts above.

I post that hymn below...

Part 4 of 4 

Creating a Passion for God


is an example

of a Bible verse that speaks of

Passion for God.

You, God, are my God,

earnestly I seek you;

I thirst for you,

my whole being longs for you,

in a dry and parched land where there is no water.

Psalm 63:1 NIV


Paul Wilbur

sings about the passion of the verse above.

After the following section,

we have posted the entire Psalm 32...

Sexual Sin

Today sexual sin is not hidden -  but public.

So I'm including some extra encouragement.

The only sex that is pleasing to God

is sex between a man and a woman

who are married.

That is it....

No other sex is pleasing unto him.

All other sex is sin.

Let's pray often
for our loved ones
who are not right with God in this area.

Three pages...

Here are prayers to pray.

Purity page

Purity comments from men and women

Psalm 32 

Psalm 32 ERV

"A maskil of David" which means -  A teaching of David for us.

It is a great blessing
    when people are forgiven for the wrongs they have done,
    when their sins are erased.

2 It is a great blessing
    when the Lord says they are not guilty,
    when they don’t try to hide their sins.

3 Lord, I prayed to you again and again,
    but I did not talk about my sins.
    So I only became weaker and more miserable.

4 Every day you made life harder for me.
    I became like a dry land in the hot summertime. Selah

5 But then I decided to confess my sins to the Lord.
    I stopped hiding my guilt and told you about my sins.
    And you forgave them all! Selah

6 That is why your loyal followers pray to you while there is still time.
    Then when trouble rises like a flood, it will not reach them.

7 You are a hiding place for me.
    You protect me from my troubles.
You surround me and protect me,
    so I sing about the way you saved me. Selah

8 The Lord says, “I will teach you
    and guide you in the way you should live.
    I will watch over you and be your guide.

9 Don’t be like a stupid horse or mule that will not come to you
    unless you put a bit in its mouth and pull it with reins.”

10 Many pains will come to the wicked,
    but the Lord’s faithful love will surround those who trust in him.

11 Good people, rejoice and be very happy in the Lord.
    All you who want to do right, rejoice!

Footnotes: Psalm 32:1 a erased Or “covered over” or “atoned.”

Selah = Pause and think about it.

This is page is based on Psalm 32 - Consider all our unique Psalm pages.

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Psalm 32 Joy was presented in April 2022.

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