Pray for Israel

Psalm 122

God calls us to pray for Israel


for the Jewish people.


Psalm 122

verses 6-9

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:

May they prosper who love you.

May peace be within your walls,

And prosperity within your palaces.

For the sake of my brothers and my friends,

I will now say, "May peace be within you."

For the sake of the house of the Lord our God,

I will seek your good.

 Psalm 122:6-9 New American Standard Version

Let us echo the words of Psalm 122

and ask God

to bless Jerusalem and all of Israel.

Dear Lord,

We pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

We pray for peace with all their enemies.

We lift up all the needs of Jerusalem and all of Israel.

We ask that you would cover the people and the land with your protection and provision.

We ask that you would give their leaders great wisdom so that Israel will understand how to choose what you want them to choose.

May they individually and corporately seek to follow you closely.

And may they individually and corporately experience your peace more fully.


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In Romans 10:1

Paul Reminds us

to pray

for the


of each of the

Jewish People


Consider praying


Hanukkah Prayers

for the Salvation of Jewish individuals.

Hanukkah Prayers

for the Jewish people

Dear Lord,

We pray for the Jewish people during the upcoming Hanukkah season. 

We pray that their families would draw close to one another at this joyous time, and that each person would draw closer to you.

During this Festival of Lights, we pray that the light of the world, Jesus Christ, would be revealed to each one as his or her Messiah.

During this year, may all the Jewish people have the opportunity to recognize and accept Jesus as their Messiah.


Copyright © 2013 Beth McLendon of

Dear Lord,

We pray that many Jewish people will find salvation as they enjoy Hanukkah.

Lord, your desire is that all Israel is saved.

We join with you in prayer for that desire.


Copyright © 2013 Beth McLendon of

Let's also pray for Israel

for a future time

when they will face great trouble.

Matthew 24

Therefore when you see

the abomination of desolation

which was spoken of through Daniel the prophet,

standing in the holy place (let the reader understand),

then those who are in Judea

must flee to the mountains;

Whoever is on the housetop

must not

go down

to get the

things out that are in his house.

Whoever is in the field

 must not

turn back to get his cloak.

But woe to those who are pregnant and to those

who are nursing babies in those days!

But pray that your flight

will not be in the winter,

or on a Sabbath.

For then there will be a great tribulation such as has not

occurred since the beginning of the world until now,

nor ever will.

Matthew 24: 15-21 New American Standard Version

Explaining Matthew 24:15-21

Matthew 24, the book of Revelation, and other

biblical scriptures

inform us

that at some point

in earth’s history,

there will be a tribulation time

like no other time in earth’s history. 

(Most scholars believe it is a 7-year span of time.)

At a certain point in the tribulation

– the mid-point in the tribulation –

the antichrist

will come into the rebuilt temple


do something horrible. 

(Obviously the temple in Jerusalem has to be rebuilt first.)

God calls the thing the antichrist does the

abomination of desolation .

Before this horrible act,

most Jews will have thought

that the antichrist was a good man.

This act unveils the truth.

After this act,

the Jews in the Holy land

will realize that their lives are in danger.

Matthew 24 tells us that

God wants those Jews who are in and around Jerusalem

to run to safety.

Most people believe

those Jews will be directed to run to Petra.

This area is a perfect place to hide them.

For one thing,

the area is only entered by a very narrow opening.

In Matthew chapter 24,

God tells us

that the Jews need prayer

for that upcoming event.  

Let us join the prayer chorus

for the safety of those Jews in that day.

Dear Lord,

As the time of the end comes near, we come before you to pray for those who will one day be in danger in the land of Israel.

We come to you today acknowledging that you have told us in the book of Matthew that the Jewish people will have important needs as they find themselves running from the antichrist.

We come today to pray for those needs.

We pray that their flight will not be in winter or on a Sabbath.

We pray that the weather on that day will be pleasantly mild with no rain.

We pray for every traveling mercy that they will need. We pray that the peace of God will not only guide them but comfort them.

We pray that their shoes will be comfortable. We pray that their legs, knees, and feet will be strong and steady. We pray that their bodies will be blessed with the health and strength needed to take this journey.*

We specifically pray for new mothers and pregnant mothers. We pray that you would supernaturally enable them to get to their destination without hindrance, and with the extra help that they will need.

Lord, we pray that no one will hesitate too long, but that all will quickly realize the danger and leave. 

Lord, we ask that even in this present day, you would begin to prepare those who will be running for their lives. We pray that each day their hearts would come closer and closer to realizing that Jesus is their Messiah and their loving Lord.


Copyright © 2013 Beth McLendon of

* Psalm 105:37 b NKJV tells us specific information about the time when Moses and the people of Israel were leaving Egypt. It says, "And there was none feeble among His tribes."

God did healing miracles at that time so that all the people were strong enough to take the difficult journey. The Jews in the future will need similar healing miracles.

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