Psalm 51

A Psalm of Repentance

A Psalm of Restoration of Joy


A Psalm of Purification.

A Psalm of Receiving - God's Peace.

A Psalm of David

David wasn't where he was supposed to be.

David wasn't doing

what he was supposed to be doing.

David sinned.

David had sex with Bathsheba.

Bathsheba was a married woman.


Psalm 51 was written

to show us


to come to God

with our sins

and be



I want to be Clean.

I want to be Right with You.

Forgive me.

I will re-dedicate myself to following you.

In Jesus' name I pray,


God selected Yom Kippur as the

holiest day of the year.

Here is a Rabbi who believes in Jesus

and he is giving a great sermon 

on this subject.

Jump to 1 hour 34 minutes...

Yeshua is Hebrew for Jesus.

And the author of 1 Corinthians:

Saul/Paul is called Rabbi Shol

Create in me a Clean Heart - Transform me

God's Great Forgiveness

Lyrics at the very bottom of the page

Below is

David's advice

in how to live



Peace with God.

Psalm 139:23-24 TLB

David said:

Search me, O God, and know my

heart; test my thoughts.


Point out  anything

you find in me

that makes you sad,

and lead me

along the path of everlasting life.

Repentance is not just a one-time thing

done when you first accept

Jesus as your Savior.

Some false prophets are telling you it is.

This psalm shows us the truth.

"Repentance and Re-dedication"

When we sin,

 - Repentance  with  Re-dedication"

is the only thing

that will bring us

Peace with God.

Psalm 51 and Psalm 32

explain to us

the way to forgiveness

and the

road to peace with God.

Both are posted below in an easy - reading version.

A Psalm of Repentance and Re-dedication

Psalm 51:

A psalm of David

written after

God supernaturally told Nathan the prophet

what David had done

and then God sent Nathan to David

 - to expose David's sin -

  with Bathsheba.

Psalm 51 ERV

God, be merciful to me

   because of your faithful love.

Because of your great compassion,

    erase all the wrongs I have done.

2 Scrub away my guilt.
    Wash me clean from my sin.

3 I know I have done wrong.
    I remember that sin all the time.

4 I did what you said is wrong.
    You are the one I have sinned against.
I say this so that people will know
    that I am wrong and you are right.
    What you decided is fair.

5 I was born to do wrong,
    a sinner before I left my mother’s womb.

6 You want me to be completely loyal,
    so put true wisdom deep inside of me.

7 Remove my sin and make me pure.

    Wash me until I am whiter than snow!

8 Let me hear sounds of joy and happiness again.
    Let the bones you crushed be happy again.

9 Don’t look at my sins.
    Erase them all.

10 God, create a pure heart in me,

    and make my spirit strong again.

11 Don’t push me away
    or take your Holy Spirit from me.

12 Your help made me so happy.
    Give me that joy again.
    Make my spirit strong and ready to obey you.

13 I will teach the guilty how you want them to live,

    and then sinners will come back to you.

14 God, spare me from the punishment of death.
    My God, you are the one who saves me!
Let me sing about all the good things you do for me!

15  My Lord, I will open my mouth and sing your praises!

16 You don’t really want sacrifices,
    or I would give them to you.

17 The sacrifice that God wants is a humble spirit.

    God, you will not turn away someone who comes with a

     humble heart and is willing to obey you.

18 God, please be good to Zion.
    Rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

19 Then you can enjoy the kind of sacrifices you want.
    You will receive whole burnt offerings,
    and people will again offer bulls on your altar.



Previously on this page, I had a great sermon by

Michael Youssef's son on the subject of Psalm 51 -  and

their church took it off youtube. They told me it only

available on their website. :-( 

(800) 538-7677

Verse 19

Actually, the Hebrew is very clear in verse 19

that we are supposed

to live our life

with sacrifices of righteousness.

In a literal translation,

David says in verse 19,

"Then you will be delighted with the sacrifices of



Many people are running away

from trying to live a holy life

while thinking

they can still be right with God.


We will never be perfect, but we are supposed to

try to please God.

(John 14:15 and John 14:23 and 1 John 2:3)

The Bible tells us:

Worship the Lord with the beauty of holy lives.

Psalm 96:9  TLB

The Joy of Forgiveness

Psalm 32:5

David wrote:

So I confessed my sins
    and told them all to you.

    I said, “I’ll tell the Lord
    each one of my sins.”

Then you forgave me
    and took away my guilt.

Psalm 32:5 CEV

Psalm 32 ERV

(a maskil of David which means "teaching of David")

It is a great blessing   

when people are forgiven for the wrongs they have done, 

when their sins are erased.

2 It is a great blessing

    when the Lord says they are not guilty,

    when they don’t try to hide their sins.

3 Lord, I prayed to you again and again,

but I did not talk about my sins.

So I only became weaker and more miserable.

4 Every day you made life harder for me.

    I became like a dry land in the hot summertime. Selah**

5 But then I decided

to confess my sins to the Lord.

I stopped hiding my guilt


told you about my sins.

And you forgave them all!


(**Selah means pause and think about that.)

6 That is why your loyal followers pray to you while there is still time.
    Then when trouble rises like a flood, it will not reach them.

7 You are a hiding place for me.

    You protect me from my troubles.

You surround me and protect me,

    so I sing about the way you saved me. Selah

8 The Lord says, “I will teach you

    and guide you in the way you should live.

    I will watch over you and be your guide.

9 Don’t be like a stupid horse or mule that will not come to you

    unless you put a bit in its mouth and pull it with reins.”

10 Many pains will come to the wicked,

    but the Lord’s faithful love will surround those who trust in


11 Good people, rejoice and be very happy in the Lord.

    All you who want to do right, rejoice!

Footnotes: Psalm 32:1 a erased Or “covered over” or “atoned.”

David's Teaching

Psalm 51 and Psalm 32 were written to teach us

how to get right with God.

Psalm 32 is even posted as a

"maskil of David" which means "teaching of David."


Here is one of the verses in the

New Testament

that expresses these thoughts.

Acts 3:19 NCV

So you must change your hearts and lives!

Come back to God, and he will forgive your sins.

Then the Lord will send the time of rest.

And here it is in another translation:

Acts 3:19 AMP

So repent

[change your inner self—your old way of thinking,

regret past sins]

and return

[to God—seek His purpose for your life],

so that your sins may be wiped away

[blotted out, completely erased],

so that times of refreshing

may come from the presence of the Lord

[restoring you like a cool wind on a hot day].


Also note that Jesus' last words

to the churches

were written in the book of


chapters 2 and 3.

In those chapters,

Jesus calls out over and over

to believers

and says,


For more insights into David - click David

For a list of all our Psalm pages:

Bible Devotions

Psalm 51 tells us that

The pain of sin can be dealt with

and we can feel clean again!



"Forgive Me"

Like many water falls I cry,
Like something deep inside has died;
Oh the hurt, the guilt, the pain,
To know I broke Your heart again.

And like a hurricane that blows
A thunderstorm inside my soul;
So can you speak unto the wind
And renew my life again?

Forgive me, I have sinned;
I am guilty of the nails that pierced Your hands,
I'm cryin' out, purify,

Rid me of this guiltiness I feel inside;
I'm beggin' please - forgive me.

I can't describe what's in my soul,
I feel ashamed to let You know;
Oh the burden, oh the weight
That I've carried from that day.

But You were there, You saw it all,
Every detail, great and small;
And yet You love me just the same,
And You remind me that You came; Lord You came to....

Forgive me, I have sinned;
I am guilty of the nails that pierced Your hands,
I'm cryin' out, purify,

Rid me of this barrenness I feel inside;
I'm beggin' please.

Create in me a clean heart;
Renew my spirit too.
Restore to me joy, real joy.
Make me more like You, more like You, yeah!

Forgive me, I have sinned;
I am guilty of the nails that pierced Your hands,
I'm cryin' out, purify,

Rid me of this brokenness I feel inside;
Oh, I'm beggin' please.

Forgive me, I have sinned;
I am guilty of the nails that pierced Your hands;
I know I'm guilty, I'm guilty.

But when I cry out, You purify
And heal me of this brokenness I feel inside;
And faithfully You hear my plea;
You faithfully,
You forgive me.

Jesus You forgive me.

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