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This week's topic is:


This week we will highlight


the shepherd boy

who became

a king.


We can learn a lot from David.

David was once a young boy.

As a young boy:

David didn't look special to the outside world.

David didn't seem to be unique...

But he was!

David's Heavenly Father

lovingly made him

in his mother's womb,


God had a special plan for David.

- -

You may not LOOK special to the outside world.

People may not automatically

gravitate to you.

People may not easily see

that you are an amazing person. 


the truth is

you are

Special and Wonderful


Awesome and  Amazing!

Some may see you as just ordinary -

as people did David.

Some may see you as just an ordinary person

like a shepherd boy  -


God sees you

as something wonderful!


God lovingly made you in your mother's womb,
God has a special plan for your life.

God loves you with all his heart!

Yes, God loves you.

Yes, God made you unique.

Yes, God made you wonderfully unique.

God sees you as precious, valuable,


wonderfully unique.

I pray that you will allow this song

to draw you closer to God

and help you to step into your destiny.


Put yourself in the place of David

and receive

God's destiny for YOU!

The words are written at the bottom of the page.

A Prayer to bless you:

Click here to listen to an audio prayer


David said many profound things

in the Bible.

Today we highlight one of those profound things.

David said to God:

"Thy gentleness hath made me great."

Found in - Psalm 18:35 and 2 Samuel 22:36

More Tuesday Thoughts

The gentleness of God is powerful.


Gentleness is one of the

9 Fruit of the Spirit

found in Galatians 5:22-23.

Dear Lord,

I want to allow your gentleness

to flow through me


Remind me, Lord.



God said....

"David is a man after God's own heart."

Acts 13:22

I've often wondered about how David touched God's heart in such a great way.

Today I'm going to highlight one thing

about David

that I think is amazing.

In 2 Samuel chapter eleven, David sexually sinned with Bathsheba.

Then David had Bathsheba's husband, Uriah, killed.

After his terrible sins, David ignored God's voice of conviction that whispered to his heart.


God sent a prophet named Nathan to convict David of his sins.


when we don't listen

to God's conviction,

he sends someone

to speak directly to us

in order to expose our sins to us.

After Nathan spoke words of conviction

to King David,

David did a surprising thing - an amazing thing!

David refused to try to justify his sins.

David refused to try to defend himself.

David refused to criticize something

about Nathan

to try to take the spotlight off himself.

David refused to harden his heart.

Instead -

David quickly accepted responsibility.


He truly repented.

In Psalm 51, we see David's repentant thoughts about this time in his life.

"Create in me a clean heart, O God;


renew a right spirit within me."

Psalm 51:10


Psalm 51 exposes the pain of sin


shows us the

Promise of Redemption


Instead of choosing an ungodly response,

David choose

to take responsibility and repent.


David chose to draw close to the Lord.

I've lived a long time and from what I've experienced -

David did a rare thing that day when he rightly

received Nathan's words of conviction.

I want to

imitate that kind of humbleness in my life.

God was very pleased

about David's reaction to Nathan.


God wants us to be inspired

by the story of David


respond quickly to God's conviction

and truly repent.

Let's be inspired

to choose to be

a man or woman

after God's own heart.


And let's be determined

to choose to stay so close to God

that we do not


such painful sins

that cause such awful consequences.

Would you consider

joining me in prayer?

Prayer for Yielding

Loving Lord,

I want to be humble before you.

Teach me your ways.

I will walk with you.


Copyright © 2014 Beth McLendon of Inspirational-Prayers.com

Taken from our Prayer for Yielding page.

An Inspirational and Beautiful

Song of Healing


A Song of Motivation


A Beautiful Song

of Dedication




let's ask God to help us

enter into gentleness,



repentance in a deeper way from now on.

Merciful Lord,

Day after day,
the ocean stays in the boundaries
you have set for it.

Day after day,
I go outside the boundaries
you have set for me.

The reasons vary,
but the result is always the same.
I sin and fall short of the glory of God.

Lord, I am here at your throne,
desiring your forgiveness.
I thank you for your mercy
that is always ready to reach out to me.

I confess my sins
I receive your abundant pardon.

Lord, I ask for a fresh new motivation
to follow your will and your ways.
May my words and actions this day
be pleasing in your sight.


Copyright © 2005 Beth McLendon of Inspirational – Prayers.com

Taken from our Forgiveness of Sins page

David died at age 70.

1 Kings 2:11 and 2 Samuel 5:4


Shepherd Boy lyrics

One by one Jesse's sons
Stood before the prophet
Their father knew a king
Would soon be found
And each one passed
Except the last
No one thought to call him
Surely he would never
Wear a crown
But when others see a shepherd boy
God may see a king
Even though your life seems filled
With ordinary things
In just a moment He can touch you
And everything will change
When others see a shepherd boy
God may see a king
One by one problems come
And dreams get shattered
And sometimes it's hard
To understand
But things like chance
And circumstance
They don't really matter
Our Father holds tomorrow
In His hands
Well it wasn't the oldest
It wasn't the strongest
Chosen on that day
And yet the giants fell
And nations trembled
When they stood in his way

First presented the week of August 29, 2016

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