Psalm 82

Psalm 82


A Timely Message



Thoughts and clarification

on Psalm 82.

In this Psalm,


who is the ultimate judge,

is angrily talking to

earthly judges

about their


This psalm reminds

all of us

that God is watching

and that 


will be

consequences for evil.

Psalm 82 NKJV

God is in charge of the great meeting;
    he judges among the “gods.”

He says, “How long will you defend evil people?
    How long will you show greater kindness to the wicked? Selah

Defend the weak and the orphans;
    defend the rights of the poor and suffering.

Save the weak and helpless;
    free them from the power of the wicked.

“You know nothing. You don’t understand.
You walk in the dark, while the world is falling apart.

I said, ‘You are “gods.”
    You are all sons of God Most High.’

But you will die like any other person;
    you will fall like all the leaders.”

God, come and judge the earth,
    because you own all the nations.

To establish who God is angry with,

we examine

the 6th verse.

Here is that verse:

"I said,

'You are gods. You are all sons

of God Most High.'"


This verse is referred to

by Jesus in

John 10:32-36.

Most of the ancient rabbis

understand that the word


in this verse

referred to

their earthly judges.



Christian theologians


The best explanation I have found

to solidify




the excellent video posted below.


The first picture on the video

is a little strange

because the man in the video

was formerly in the new age movement

and he wants

to attract

others in that movement to listen to him

and hopefully get saved.

In Conclusion

The job of these judges was

to represent God.

They were given the power to rule

as God himself would rule.



these powerful "mighty ones"

turned their back on their purpose

and followed their own desires.

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