Psalm 11

Psalm 11

The answer of Faith to the advice of Fear

A Psalm of David

A Psalm

to calm our fears and panic.


David was faced with a 

fearful situation

where wicked ones had treacherous intentions.

David's friends are looking at the situation and

telling David to run away.

But David decides to meditate

on God

instead of the situation.

David receives peace from God

to combat fear.


was a year filled with fear.


was a year of continued fear and uncertainty.


has been a year where covid has decreased but other attacks on our health have created fear.

And 2022
is a year of increasing violence & lawlessness,
and an
accelerating of the
breakdown of all moral principles.

God wants to minister to us in this psalm.


Below is a

beautiful, calming song

based on

the 11 th Psalm 

Psalm 11 is written out at the bottom of the page.

The YearS

2020 - 2022

Our world looks out of control.

That observation

can produce fear in us.

Covid 19, shut-downs, economic woes,


the elderly are isolated,

churches are experiencing persecution,

violence increases,

inflation soars,

empty shelves,

gas prices rising,

morality crumbles,

people are neglecting to turn to God for help,

the respect for the Bible decreases,

etc. etc.

The foundations of our life are crumbling.

 If the foundations be destroyed,

what can the righteous do?

Psalm 11:3 KJV


There is 

violence in the streets.

There are calls for defunding the police.

"Law and order have collapsed,"

we are told.

"What can the righteous do but flee?"

Psalm 11:3 TLB



David answers his friend's advice





Below is an

Oasis of Peace

featuring God's word.

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Peace Prayers

Musical Peace

Psalm 11

In the Lord I put my trust;
How can you say to my soul,
“Flee as a bird to your mountain”?

For look! The wicked bend their bow,
They make ready their arrow on the string,
That they may shoot secretly at the upright in heart.

If the foundations are destroyed,
What can the righteous do?

The Lord is in His holy temple,
The Lord’s throne is in heaven;
His eyes behold,
His eyelids test the sons of men.

The Lord tests the righteous,
But the wicked and the one who loves violence His soul hates.

Upon the wicked He will rain coals;
Fire and brimstone and a burning wind
Shall be the portion of their cup.

For the Lord is righteous,
He loves righteousness;
His countenance beholds the upright.

Psalm 11:7 TLB

For God is good, and he loves goodness,

the godly shall see his face."

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