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DISC personality information changed my life.

I literally divide my life up into before DISC and after DISC.

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DISC only takes a few minutes to learn but if you choose to continue learning about DISC, it will bless every area of your life.

It costs nothing to start learning about DISC.

Why not give it a try?

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I have seen the direct connection between learning DISC and

  • marriages being transformed,
  • people overcoming their weaknesses and experiencing success,
  • people saving their jobs,
  • people able to rebuild relationships with family members,
  • people released to fulfill their destiny

DISC can transform all your relationships - you will be more content and satisfied with all your relationships.

DISC will also

  • enable you to accept and love yourself.
  • open up doors to enable you to become the person you want to become
  • give you insights so that you can break through the boundaries previously closed to you

I have a seminary degree and I love to teach about God. Next to the Bible, DISC is the most powerful information on this planet.

If I could give you one secret to success in this life, it would be God. If I could give you two secrets - it would be God and then DISC.

The way I teach DISC is not limiting and it does not pigeon-hole anyone. It gives you information so you can take all the limits off yourself. You truly become in control of your life. You begin to see all your strengths and you begin to gain overcoming strategies for all your weaknesses.

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Answer these two questions

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(In each of these questions, you can be 49% to 51%. If you are having a hard time deciding, just make a choice. You can change your answer later.)


  • Are you more outgoing or reserved?
  • Are you more task-oriented or people-oriented?

If you answered that you are basically:

outgoing and task-oriented

You are probably the "D" style!

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If you answered that you are basically:

outgoing and people-oriented

You are probably the "I" style!

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If you answered that you are basically:

reserved and people-oriented,

You are probably the "S" style!

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If you answered that you are basically:

reserved and task-oriented,

You are probably the "C" style!

Why not learn more about DISC?

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DISC Personality Resources

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DISC Audio Mini-Seminar

Listen to a DISC Personality Styles Presentation


DISC Bible Devotion

Read how DISC helps us serve God.


Renewing Your Mind

Devotion with DISC material included.


DISC Parenting Quiz

To take our two-question Quiz and get parenting insights and a prayer.

Beth's Parenting book on DISC

Praying for your Child!

More Joy - More Success in Parenting!

Find out how parent your child according to his or her personality style.

Fresh, new ideas for parents!

Need some great discipline secrets? We've got them!

Praying for your Child

is a great book that

blends biblical parenting and

DISC Personality Styles.


Germaine Copeland of Prayers that Avail Much recommends the book Praying for your Child!

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