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DISC Personality Styles
Bring more Harmony and Unity

Understanding DISC Personality Styles helps us understand other people so we can experience more harmony and unity with other people.

The way I teach DISC, it doesn't label anyone. It does not pigeon-hole anyone. It does not limit anyone. In fact, it empowers everyone in everything they do. DISC helps people create great relationships with family, friends, and co-workers.

Have you ever noticed that some people are wired very differently from you? Some people come into the world wanting to control and lead. Others want to be directed and prefer to follow. Some people enjoy surprises and like spontaneity. Others dislike spontaneity and enjoy routine. Have you noticed that there are even people who one day like one thing and the next day they like the opposite?

Understanding people helps create great relationships!

In this Bible devotion, I am going to begin by answering the question:

How can understanding DISC personality styles help us serve God better?

Then I am going to do a simple explanation about the four DISC personality styles.

I am going to base our Bible devotion on a Bible verse:

Psalm 133:1 KJV says, “Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”

From that verse, we see that in the Old Testament, God thought unity was important. Let's see what God has to say about unity in the New Testament.

I'm going to be reading excerpts from John 17:11-23 in the King James Version.

In John chapter 17, Jesus is praying to Father God. This is hours before Jesus went to the cross. He is praying for believers. As we read verse 11, we see, "that they may be one as we are."

We see that in that verse he is praying for unity for believers.

This is July 5, 2014 - I wrote this Bible devotion many years ago. I posted it here a long time ago.

Recently I have been alarmed to realize that this verse has been used improperly by those who are creating Interfaith groups for Spiritual Unity.

The Bible does not allow us to have Spiritual Unity with those who are not of our faith. To be clear: I do not support the interfaith movement. I do not support Spiritual Unity with any person - with the name Christian or not - who preaches another Gospel. I do not support any preacher or church leader who says that God the Father was once a man. God does not have a son. Only Christians who are in the Catholic Church go to heaven. Atheists go to heaven if they are good enough. Only Christians in ___ church go to heaven.

The truth is that:   You go to heaven because you have asked Jesus to forgive you of your sins. You have asked him to be your Savior. AND you position him as Lord of your life.  (That means you follow the Bible as best you can and when you sin, you ask God to forgive you and you try again.)

I am a Protestant but I believe there will be Catholics in heaven. But I am concerned about the leadership in the Protestant and Catholic churches. Leadership doesn't get you in heaven. Leaders are not true leaders if they do not FOLLOW the BIBLE.

A lot of church leaders are falling away from the Bible!

Each of us needs to look at the people we are considering our leaders, and decide if they are truly following the Bible. If not, we do not continue to follow their leadership.

Jesus taught us to separate from false teaching.

Today false teachers are telling us that Division is Evil.

Continuing with my Devotion:

Now look at verse 21. In verse 21 in the King James Version, Jesus prays two times about unity. "That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me."

In verse 22, we read, "that they may be one, even as we are one."

In verse 23, we read, "that they may be made perfect in one."

Over and over Jesus prayed for believers to be one. He prayed for believers to have harmony and unity with God and with each other. He wanted there to be peace among all of us.

It is obvious that Jesus wants us to work together as a team.

Jesus was praying for the believers then and the believers now.

The Bible gives a lot of emphasis on unity in believers.

As you learn more about the DISC personality model, you will understand how to have more harmony and unity with others. DISC helps people resist getting upset and taking offense with others.

Even if you think and act differently from me, I can keep from becoming offended if I understand that the things you think and do are coming from your natural style.

People usually aren't doing things against us.

They are doing things that feel comfortable to them.

They are doing things for themselves.

Learning about DISC Personality Styles helps us

to create the harmony and unity that God wants us to have.

At this point I will quickly add another important benefit to learning DISC personality styles: As you accommodate people according to their personality style, people will feel more comfortable with you and more loved by you.

This site has articles on several DISC topics that highlight the differences of the four styles (also called the four temperaments).

When I realized the amount of differences in the perspectives and preferences each of the four personality temperaments, it compelled me to learn DISC.

Next, I am going to give a short introduction to each of the 4 DISC personality styles.

Remember that everyone is a blend of traits from all four temperaments but the style that has most of your traits would be your personality style.

The first style is the “D” or dominant style. “Ds” have traits such as direct, determined, decisive, demanding, and doer. They are wired to get results.

The “I” style is the inspiring style. They have traits such as influencing, fun-loving, enthusiastic, energetic, and spontaneous. They like to be the center of attention.

The “S” style is the supportive style. They have traits such as stable, steady, helpful, kind, and easygoing. They like routine. It is interesting to note that the “S” style is the style that desires peace and harmony the most.

The “C” style is the cautious style. They have traits such as careful, contemplative, organized, orderly, and detail-oriented. They want to do things the right way.

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