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Falling in Love with God
makes life so much more wonderful!

Falling in love with God

creates warm, wonderful emotions

that make

every day better!

I used to do a radio show.

This page is a transcript from a "Creating Great Relationships radio show."

I believe that everyone listening to me has either been in love or has seen someone who is in love.

So how would you describe a person in love?

Certainly they are different from everyone else.

They seem to float instead of walk.

Some seem to be in a different dimension.

Every moment of the day

is spent dreaming of that person –

that person who is far above all other persons.

Being in love can make you feel like you have just been existing before.

When you are in love,

life seems more wonderful.

Life seems more real.

Colors seem more brilliant.... more vibrant.

Everyday things seem fresh and new.

Most people in love have a

new fascination with the moon.

Many sing love songs

that they never sang before.

Each one longs to spend

every available moment together.

I have an important announcement

for each of you.

God wants everyone listening to me

to experience

being in love with HIM –

being in love with the God of all creation.

It is true that it won't be exactly the same as with a human person. But many of the manifestations are similar.

When you allow yourself

to fall in love


The King of Kings and Lord of Lords,

you begin to have times

when you float through life -

especially when you allow yourself to fully worship him.

Falling in love with God means...

I have noticed that as I fall deeper in love with the Lord, colors appear more brilliant more vibrant.

Nature grabs my attention as never before.

The daytime sky with its clouds and the nighttime sky with its stars - becomes more awesome.

I take on a new fascination with the moon.

Falling in love with God means....

I find myself suddenly bursting out with love songs to God. I sing words of love and adoration over and over to him.

(see - adoration page)

Yes, I may look goofy sometimes -

but the more goofy I look,

the more incredibly wonderful I feel.

I stand in amazement

that I can choose to have a CLOSE relationship with the

Creator of the world!

Sometimes I just sit and think about

the incredible invitation

God has given me.

God wants ME to know him.

I find it interesting and important that the Bible tells me to delight myself in God.

I find it fabulous that God delights in me.

It is breath - taking to realize that the

Creator of all things

is in love with me.


Not in a human way......

but the divine way has many similar characteristics.

The Bible says in Zephaniah 3:17 that God sings over me. He gets so excited about me that he sings over me. In fact, he is madly in love with me.

And folks, he is madly in love with you. He wants you to feel toward him like he feels toward you. He longs for you to stop and talk with him. He longs for you to see the glorious things that he has put in your life – as gifts.

God loves me and he loves you


he wants us to love him.

God delights in me – and he delights in you.

The Enemy

The enemy of our soul wants you to think

that you aren't special enough

to have that kind of relationship

with God.

But -

he is a liar.

He tries to keep our self-concept so low that we believe that we can never reach out and have a great relationship with God.

Just imagine having a friend

that you love and want to spend time with


that friend just doesn't think

he or she is special enough

to be with you.

What would that do to you if you had a tender, loving heart toward that person?

If we let God, he will lavish his love on us. And yes, he also wants us to lavish love on him.


is usually a part of being in love.

When I spoke this Bible devotion on my "Creating Great Relationships" radio show, I played the song, "Everything" at this point.

That song stirs up that “in love” feeling I have about God.

As I hear it, I fall deeper in love with God.

Next, I told my audience:

Since each of us likes different music. I encourage you to find songs that make you fall deeper and deeper in love with God. If this one doesn't do it for you, I encourage you to find one that will.

After the song below - I prayed an “in love” prayer to God.

You can find that prayer on our page: Intimacy with God 

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