Prayer for Emotional Pain

Prayer for Emotional Pain

For those who love God and

Seek the strength of God.

In the darkness, you are there with me.

Dear Lord,

In the midst of this terrible place.....

In the midst of all this suffering.....

I have decided.....

I have decided to never abandon my love for you.

I have decided to trust you, even when I hurt.


I'm here, Lord, waiting on you.

I'm waiting for comfort.

I'm waiting for refreshment.

I'm waiting for guidance and direction.

I'm waiting for you, Lord, to rescue me.


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Waiting on you, Lord.


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                          Remind me, Lord.


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I am reaching out

to the one I love

for strength.

Father God,

I reach out to you - the one I love - for your strength.

Fill me, Lord, with your strength.

Fill me with your mighty power.

Lead me through this valley.

And refresh me, I pray.


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All my Hope is in You.

All my Strength is in You.

The next song is a song of comfort

to many people in various circumstances.


It compares the pain we feel

with the glorious blessings to come.

"Before the Morning"

by Josh Wilson

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Prayer for Emotional Pain

Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory

he will give us later.

Romans 8:18 TLB

Almighty God,

I pray that the truth of Romans 8:18 will be used by you to encourage me this day.

I ask you to give me a supernatural understanding of this verse that will fill me with strength.


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Unfailing Love

I have enjoyed going to small churches, and I have enjoyed going to large churches.

Years ago I attended a church that had a magnificent choir with a full orchestra. We worshipped the Lord with a beautiful song that I wanted to present on this page. I looked to see if my previous church had this song on video, but they do not.

The words are so beautiful that I bought a framed copy of the words to put on my den wall. 

Unfailing Love flows from His Heart,

And heals my soul.

In spite of who I am,

He loves,

and makes me whole.

I almost can't believe it's true,

Unfailing Love,

And yet I know

He gave His Life to give to me

Unfailing Love.

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It is our prayer that you were blessed

by this page.

This page seeks to provide encouragement for those who are waiting on God for strength and help.

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