Protecting children

This page is about

Protecting Children

What you need to know to

PROTECT your child from sexual dangers.


Please educate yourself

so that you can better protect your loved ones

January 2024

Mark Zuckerberg

is exposed.

He is hurting teens and looking the other way.

The FBI is warning the public of violent online groups deliberately targeting minor victims

Sexual Child abduction can happen to any

child or teen - 

girl or boy

This page has




on all kinds of sexual dangers

that you are not aware of.

"You cannot BEWARE of something unless you are

AWARE of it."

Dr. Robert Rohm


New addition to this page;

Pray and Consider issues about sleepovers


This page talks about

Sexual dangers such as online games

such as Roblox,

and unique


children are abducted for

Child Trafficking....

Sexual Dangers such as
toys with secret sex messages
that appear
when dipped in water, and other sexual dangers. 

New article to check out:

Roblox: The children's game with a sex problem


Metaverse app allows kids into virtual strip clubs

Don't let this uncomfortable topic keep you from

getting informed and informing your

children and teens -  and other adults.

There is lots of information on this page to help you

protect others.

Please SCROLL all the way down

before leaving this page.

There are several diverse topics including


Please become aware and informed.

This happens to

babies, young children, and teens

every day in

big and small cities. 

YOUR loved ones need YOU to know more

so you can help protect them. 

Your loved ones are ignorant to the dangers - Hey, all of us are ignorant to all the dangers out there.


First - teenagers are getting abducted.

Here is an example.

Teach your children that

"bad guys" sometimes use adorable dogs.

I recently went to a talk on this subject at church.

This is one thing we learned:

Teach your teens


>>>  one way people try to lure girls

is by saying that they can get

the girl

a modeling job with a big magazine. <<<

Here the man or woman suggests

that the girl meet them 

 - without telling her parents - 

and model for pictures.

The bad guys put the pictures

immediately up on the internet and they

"sell" the girl within hours.

  For many teens, this strategy works.


we learned at the talk at church ...

Sexually Abusive people who abuse but do not

kidnap a child


sometimes tell the child

that they will hurt the child's family

if the child tells.

When you feel it is appropriate,
gently tell your child, that if anyone tries to get to them do something by telling them
that the family will be hurt - you tell us anyway!

We are grown-ups. We can take of people like that so they never get near you again.

The church talk I heard also reminded us.....

Be aware that 


are taken

while walking home from school

or walking home from the bus stop.

Kids can be scooped into an unmarked van.

(Consider having a talk at your church about this topic.)

Consider a secret emoji

for emergencies.

I saw a video last week

that showed


 - adult woman grabbed - 


thrown into a van.

The next video is about

People we trust

such as:

Security guard at Disney and a Pastor

Dozens of Disney Employees arrested

Disney music executive


Former Vice President

Disney is sexualizing children's programming. 

They just announced the first bi-sexual character on Disney channel's The Owl House.


The toy below includes a phone number

printed on the toy.

If a child dials the phone number,

he or she gets to hear a message on a sex line.

( I urge you NOT to call the number -
AND Do not request photo -
it could be against the law.)

Below is a toy

by Hasbro

that is concerning many parents.

Pay close attention to the toys your child plays with.

Personally..... I am shocked that the news station produced the information in a way as to downplay this toy's issue. 


More about toys further down the page.

By the way,

Don't be fooled -

The average age that

a boy gets started with porn is

11 years old.

And more and more girls are getting hooked.

Please read our Porn Page for Parents after

you finish this page. 

Dangerous Computer Game

August 19, 2020

The hugely popular Roblox online gaming platform

allows children and teens

to go to secret "red light districts" 

to participate via their Lego-like avatars in

digital sex parties, appear naked, simulate sex acts, use

racial slurs, and send sexually explicit messages.


you can be grabbed and taken there...

Take note:

A Louisiana mom was playing a regular game in the

regular area (Adopt Me) with her 8-year-old daughter

and another player snatched the mom's character up

and took her to bed to have sex.

Another danger of this game is that children could

fall prey to online predators

where kids pretend to be adults and adults

and pose as children.

Below is a link for a news report about Roblox

The video link below contains a father of a 6-year-old

explaining that he walked into the room and saw that

his daughter was on Roblox and someone had hacked

into the game and posted the picture of a

pornographic woman

on the wall of one of the buildings in the game.


I decided to read some of the comments posted below the last Youtube video in this section.  Almost every single one was laughing AT this news report video, and some were getting upset at the parents for complaining. It is a dangerous world.

Roblox is created for kids but....there is a section for "Dating" on Roblox.

Here are more dangers on Roblox.

 Online communication

Communicating with people online is


August 2020 -


People trying to connect with children online

and lure them to a location ....

Contact was initiated through popular social media applications.

More Danger Online

Dangerous Online communication

Young people do not see the dangers.


often think that nothing bad

could really happen to them.

And abusers are bold. 


Here is a 32-year-old math tutor caught talking online to 13-year-old girl about smoking pot and then he went to her house to smoke pot with her - but she was an undercover cop. 

Children and Phones

How can abduction happen?


 -The   8 minute movie   on Youtube - 

Oblivious is a video that shows

an elementary school girl

on a smart phone

talking to a stranger while her family is oblivious.

It is a good movie to give you an understanding of HOW
children end up as victims. 

You can see this video on Youtube.

The makers of the video  will not let people put it on their site.

Next, another similar video called

Stranger Danger

26% of online "bad guys"

used the victim's

social networking site

to gain information

about the victim's whereabouts at a specific time.

Exposing the Dangers

The video in this section

is truly


Here a woman works undercover with the police

to appear as a young girl.

A 37-year old mom working with law enforcement

goes undercover

as an 11-year old girl to expose the dangers

facing kids on social media platforms like

Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Kik.

Left unsupervised,

young children can be exposed to

online predators, grooming, and

psychological abuse within minutes.

This video that has some explicit information on how men will try to get young girls or young boys to converse with or worse.  

I didn't even watch all of it. 

Some of it is hard to watch.

Code word for  .....    HELP

This section

is for protection from strangers

and even when

a teen feels scared

because their peers

are pushing them to do something wrong.


Have a code word

so that when your child is talking on the phone to you

the code word can be used to signal for help.

For example,

A teen is feeling uncomfortable about a situation....

So she or he says,

"I better call my parents. They have been fussing at me about not calling them enough when I'm out."

The call -

"Hey mom, I'm here in the car with such and such.
Yes, and (code word is verbalized). 
I wanted to check in with you so that
you wouldn't get mad at me like you did
last Saturday when I was out." 

Parent hears the code word and pretends to get mad and says,

"I'm really mad at you. Your room is a mess and you go out with your friends. Where are you? I want you home right now. I'm coming to get you right now."

And please note:

I personally have good ears and when I am near a friend on the phone, I can often hear what people are saying
on the other end of the phone.
So..... the parent should not say things on the phone
that the parent
doesn't want other people to hear.


Hollywood covers this stuff up

At Best


covers this stuff up.

At Worst

Hollywood may actually participate.


The next video shows

the casual way they handle this topic.

The video below

is talking about

Roman Polanski and his  rap_ charges.

Let's be clear -

children cannot consent to sex.

Below -

Roman Polanski

gets thunderous applause

and a standing ovation from some

for winning a Hollywood award

- notice two of those standing -

Meryl Streep (famous actress)


Harvey Weinstein

(who is a convicted sex offender and now in prison).


Roman Polanski

can't accept the award in person

because he is on the run from law enforcement

for sexually abusing and drugging a 13 year old child.

More about Hollywood



Victim speaks out about

the man convicted of abusing him


let out of prison

and then

welcomed back to Hollywood.

More Hollywood info -

Law Enforcement explains - Symbols 

Law enforcement

tells us that there are

certain code words and symbols

that are used by people who abuse children. 

Take note:

even babies are abused by this type people.

The word "pizza" is a code word

these type of bad people


to speak about children.


Notice what appears on this doll

when put in cold water...

The video below informs us...

What is 





Pizza Gate


Here is an alarming article:

Here is a comment from under one of the videos I posted:

"People don't realize

they are grooming our kids. Go to Walmart

and look at the designs printed on the children's clothing.

Just yesterday I saw a shirt that said,

"Give me pizza"

with all these pizza slices with

sharks swimming and surrounding it."

Cartoons ...... with hidden content

Below...Exposing children to adult content -

Bad guys are targeting children

on platforms that parents think are safe.

The cartoon starts off fine.

The cartoon sometimes

features familiar cartoon characters.

Then things go wrong....

And more....

More Toys

A little cold water


Dolls that spy?

More Info

Tips for Protection


Media Madness

These news stories will SHOCK you.

Facebook and Twitter

Netflix and Youtube

We need to face the fact that there are a lot of

evil forces in our world 

that are working to take away


for our children

and the vulnerable of our society.


asks users if they




protects pedo tweets

But is able to quickly detect conservative talk they don't like.


October 6, 2020      Update on Netflix scandal

Netflix indicted for PORN

August 21, 2020 - Netflix is in the middle of a big scandal.

They are promoting a film where scantily-clad 11-year-olds

are posed in sexual ways and the girls are twerking. It was

first advertised for people 16 and older.

Concerning the story above - September 2020 - U.S. Senators are calling on the U.S. Justice Department to do a criminal investigation into the Cuties movie.... And many people are cancelling their Netflix membership because of this movie.

Before we continue with Youtube...

Man sentenced to 1000 years

for terrible child porn but serves only 7 years.

Youtube - Shocking info

Be informed 

What some people do

with innocent videos

of children

posted on Youtube

(Youtube could stop this. Just like Twitter, they are able to quickly find conservative talk they don't like.)

- September 21, 2020 

There is $ 100 million of new funding for

the DOJ in the USA to fight child trafficking.


Horrible. . . 


Leaders of our Country


and turn away and do nothing.

The next video highlights

Cindy McCain

widow of

U.S. Senator John McCain 

John McCain

was the Republican candidate for President

in 2008.

 He was a U.S. Senator from Arizona from
1987 - 2018.

On the video below...

Cindy McCain






That means Cindy knew and her husband knew.

They weren't shouting it from the housetops.

They weren't going on TV

to expose him in order to protect young girls.

We must DEMAND better from our leaders!




Have Evidence

and turn away and do nothing.


 Quick News Section

This section has...

must-see news

October 2023


Those arrested come from all backgrounds, including an EMT, nurses, educators, retirees, former law enforcement officers, self-employed individuals, delivery drivers, and others. The youngest john arrested was 17 and the oldest was 84.

September 2023

FBI warning parents about recent online dangers.

The FBI is warning the public of violent online groups deliberately targeting minor victims


February 2023

Pennsylvania private school teacher wants to
‘transform’ children
through 'porn literacy'

January 2023

October 2022

These shows are multiplying and even being done in schools and churches!

September 2022

Twitter & Porn

Schools used to be about

Schools are teaching pro-porn curriculum

July 2022

A video to watch

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