Christmas Secrets for Spouses

Christmas secrets for Spouses

that will add

Happiness and Harmony

to life!

Realizing and Reducing

our personal expectations

for Christmas

will protect us from

Christmas conflict.

Over the years, I have realized that I often dream up expectations at Christmas, and then neglect to protect myself from emotional upheavels if they do not come true.


I now  - intentionally -  try not to have high expectations of what will happen at Christmas.

Now I find myself
happier and more joyful.

Unfulfilled Expectations

lead to

Anger and Conflict.

I try to take my expectations

and make them into hopes.


I urge you to consider doing that.

~ ~ ~

We all have hopes for Christmas.

~ ~ ~

Helpful Strategies

Here are some Strategies
for those things we hope for
and for those things we still hold as expectations.

 It is important to communicate
all the hopes and expectations
that we do have
with our spouse.

For example:

If you strongly want to go to a Christmas Eve church service and your spouse wouldn't mind going....

Tell your Spouse....

"I want to go to church on Christmas Eve. It is important to me. So would you please call your mom and dad in the next day or two and let them know that we will need to leave their house by 7:30 in order to get to the church service?"

Then ask your spouse if it is o.k. to text him/her in a loving and flirty way in three days to make sure that he/she hasn't forgotten. (When you text your spouse, nicely ask if your spouse has made the call.)

Then pray.

Ask God to help you yield to Him in the event that something goes wrong, and you do not make it to church.

Ask God to help you react to that situation with maturity and in supernatural, Christ-like ways.

Final step

Make a decision to have a great Christmas even if you don't get to go to the service.

Take Note:

Unfulfilled Expectations can lead to Resentment.

Resentment damages Marriages.

Gifts - Gifts

What about Gifts?

Attention: Men and Women

If you REALLY want a certain piece of jewelry or a certain piece of sports equipment, etc. then consider being open about it
instead of
hoping that your spouse will read your mind.


Don't get your heart set on something

that is outside of your budget.

Both men and women create conflict
by creating expectations
that their spouse will read their mind.

~   ~

Women particularly suffer from depression or anger when their husband doesn't "Read their Mind."

Women, please face this fact ......

Men can't Read Minds.

~ ~ ~

I encourage women to stop expecting a man to read your mind.

I encourage women to.....

Take a Big-Girl pill because -
He just can't read your mind!

- -

And if you expect him to,
you will face
AND disappointment leads to conflict.

- -

Many times a woman picks a fight with her husband, because she is mad about an unfulfilled expectation.

Angry women often pick a fight about an unrelated topic, instead of calming down and wisely discussing the situation with their husband.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Wives and Husbands:

Consider planning ahead and making a decision to:

Choose wisdom and love

over upset and conflict.

Take advantage of the opportunity to joyfully celebrate Christmas with your mate.

Find joy in the special events


in the everyday activities.

Help When Everything Goes Wrong

When things go wrong,

and your spouse and family act



and ask God to help you

remain steady and

supernaturally joyful.

We have prayer for Christmas marital stress.


Christmas Marriage Prayers

Create Fun in your Marriage

Flirting with your Spouse.

Help to create a "No Scrooge Zone"

by flirting with your Spouse.

Add some flirting with your spouse

to lighten up the holiday mood.

Flirt a little, and consider being a little silly.

Consider doing something
you did when you were dating.

Play "Your Song,"
and remember good times together.

Find more ideas on the page:

Christmas Romance.

Make Christmas a joyful time

by putting love on the throne of

your heart

instead of expectations.

Merry Christmas

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