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Welcome to all those who feel silly happy and

those who want to feel silly happy!


My Lord,

You are my exceeding joy!

Psalm 43:4

Celebrating the Wonders of God

We begin with a prayer


The Wonders of God.

Dear Lord,

I praise you for you are an Amazing Artist.
You are the Master Painter of our World.

From your palette, you brushed the world with splashes of forest green, sky blue, and sunny yellow.

You created lush jungles of jade and arid deserts of gold.

You formed majestic mountains, and then you took scoops of brilliant white snow and topped their peaks.

You shaped multi-layered canyons and adorned them with copper-colored hues.

Your exquisite creation is vibrant and full of variety.

Joy and thankfulness rise in me as I meditate on the beauty of your world.


Copyright © 2013 Beth Mc Lendon of

Celebrating Silly

It is good to 


and be


Overheard sentence during a funny story:

"I was helpless with laughter!"


This sheep brings out the giggles

in a little girl.

Squirrels always look and act that it is their first day being a squirrel.


2 Women having Girl Talk:

"Exercise? The only reason

I came with you

this morning

was because I thought

you said we were going to,


Overheard comment:

Do you want to know

how I deal


bumper to bumper traffic?

I open my glove compartment and get out my bubbles.

Then I lower my window and blow a few bubbles out my window.

How can I stay upset while silly bubbles are blowing across the highway?

William Shakespeare Humor

Humor based on Billy Shakespeare!

Beth McLendon's son is very witty:

My son was studying William Shakespeare

in school.

One day he came to me and said,

Mom, I can sum up all of William Shakespeare's

plays into one: 

Much Ado About Nothing!


William Shakespeare is famous for saying:

"To thine own self be true."


That is a nice saying,

but I think his wife would prefer

something a little different.

I'll explain below...

After telling my friend, Linda, about a

Spectacular Shoe Shopping Spree that I had  -

I received a birthday card from Linda.

William Shakespeare was on the front, and

inside it said:

To thine own self give shoes.

What great advice!

Do I hear an "amen" from the women?


What shoe is the most fun shoe?


Flip flops

They are the slap-happy shoes !

From Walking in the Spirit by Patsy Clairmont

Beth says,

"I like to pitter, patter, and putter in my flip flops!"

O God, in mercy bless us;

let your face beam with joy as you look down at us.

Psalm 67:1 TLB


How the nations will be singing for joy

because you are their King.

Psalm 67:4 TLB

Celebrating Childhood

Jesus loves the little children!

Prayers of Joy presents a prayer to celebrate childhood.

Dear Lord,

You are amazing.

You varied the trunks of trees to become footholds for little lads.

You made strong tree branches that reach out to support sturdy swings.

You think ahead and provide all we need.

You are our provider of everything.


Copyright 2005 Beth McLendon of

Celebrating Nature

Caught any Lightning Bugs lately?

It sure is fun to catch lightning bugs and

put them in a jar with small holes for air.

Then set them free after an hour or two.


Would you like to read our

Delightful Devotion about

Lightning Bugs?


What did you used to do as a child

that might still be kinda fun?


Water pistols anyone?


Are you brave enough to be silly?


Hey, if you're married,
why not
go out and buy an ice cream cone.....
and share it!

Then  - 
Take a walk around your neighborhood, 
and enjoy
the amazing world God made, and 
choose to look
so in-love 
that you make everyone who sees you 


Enjoy whatever God has given you!


Here are folks who had a Beary Friendly Day.

Need more help around the house?

Consider this!

Are you getting motivated to lift up your own

prayers of joy

to your fun-loving Heavenly Father?


God created fun


God created laughter.

Celebrating Truth

Have a Problem?

Sometimes you just need a manual.

This year, I suggest we need an


~ ~


We have e-books.

We have e-commerce.

But what we really need is an


Have you ever searched for a manual

to help you fix  a problem?

Even before looking for a manual, the first place

we should look is to


Jesus is called "Emmanuel" which means "God with us."

My Lord,

In your presence is fullness of joy!

Psalm 16:11  NKJV

Celebrating Joy

Let your joy show for all the world to see!


Shouts of Joy and Victory

resound in the tents

of the Righteous of the Lord.

Psalm 118:15 NIV


Celebrate the joy in your heart with little ones.

If you are a parent or grandparent,

consider teaching your little ones

a silly, fun Bible song -  like.....

I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.


Down in my heart.


Down in my heart.

I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.

Down in my heart to stay.

I've got the love of Jesus, love of Jesus down in my heart.


Down in my heart.


Down in my heart.

I've got the love of Jesus, love of Jesus down in my heart.


Down in my heart to stay.

And I'm so happy. So very happy, happy, happy.

I have the love of Jesus in my heart, down in my heart.

And I'm so happy. So very happy, happy, happy.

I have the love of Jesus in my heart.

If you have forgotten how to have fun and be joyful,

consider allowing yourself to be a kid again.

There are many reasons why God tells us to come to him
as little children.


If you need help having fun,

watch kids.

They will teach you!

Consider signing up to work with

the little kids at church!

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