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Monday December 4, 2017

Monday Prayer


Here we are again -

Celebrating You at Christmas!

Help me make this Christmas

More about You -

And less about shopping, gifts, and busyness.

Help me to remember that


Are the Reason for the Season.

In loving devotion I pray,


Copyright © 2016 Beth McLendon of Inspirational-Prayers.com

Tuesday December 5, 2017

Tuesday Prayer

A Christmas Prayer

to copy


keep handy

this Christmas

Dear Lord,

Things are going wrong.

My spouse and my family are acting


Help me.

Give me right thoughts.

Show me how to be Christlike in this situation.

Fill me with more of your love.

Enable me

to yield to you and

react with supernatural joy and stability.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Copyright © 2015 Beth McLendon of Inspirational-Prayers.com

Wednesday December 6, 2017


Dear Lord,

Thank you so much for Jesus and for this Christmas season.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

I am asking you to bring greater peace into my family this Christmas.

I am asking that our meals and all our time together would be full of peace, and harmony, and joy, and expressions of love.

Show me how to help make this happen.

I will remember to pray this prayer often and to do what I can do to help make this happen.

I pray in the miraculous name of Jesus,


Copyright © 2017 Beth McLendon of Inspirational - Prayers.com

Thursday December 7, 2017

Thursday Prayer

Dear Lord,

I come before you to celebrate the birth of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

I celebrate the miracle of God coming as a baby - coming to live among us, coming to love us, and coming to show us the way to eternal life.

During this Christmas season, help me to experience the story of the birth of Christ as though it were the first time I  ever heard it. Bring to my thoughts a sense of wonder and awe at what took place two thousand years ago.

Allow me to watch, as wise men who daily commanded great respect, humbly traveled to a stable and knelt with gifts in hand before a baby who was Christ the King.

Let my imagination hear the rustling animals and see the young couple who lovingly take turns holding our promise in their arms.

Help me to remember to live my life proclaiming the loving message of that night in my words and most importantly in my actions.

I magnify your holy name this day.


Copyright © 2004 Beth McLendon of Inspirational - Prayers.com

Friday December 8, 2017

Friday Prayer

Loving Father,

With all the hustle bustle of the holiday season, I am stopping right now and spending some warm moments with you.

You are the most important thing in my life. You are my Alpha and my Omega. You are the beginning and the ending of each of my days.

You made me, and I am your delight.

And Lord…… I delight in you.


Copyright © 2012 Beth McLendon of Inspirational - Prayers.com

Saturday December 9, 2017

Saturday Prayer

Heavenly Father,

I pray that you would spread far and wide the truth of the Gospel this holiday season. 

I pray for the weary, downtrodden Christians who need comfort and help. Bring them the guidance, blessings, and miracles they need. Give them a blast of refreshment and Holy Spirit energy so they can be lifted up and ready to follow you with zeal and zest!

I pray for lukewarm Christians that they will be awakened and drawn back to Jesus - and - become "on-fire" for Jesus.

Thank you for Christmas songs. I pray that Jewish people will truly listen to the Christmas songs of Jesus this year and hear the Gospel - and - "understand the Gospel and receive it!"

I pray for - all -  lost souls that haven’t chosen Jesus as their Savior. I pray that they will find the true Jesus this Christmas season and become quickly dedicated to Jesus.

May this December contain more new dedications to Jesus than any other December.  And may it contain more re-dedications to Jesus than any other December.

I will proclaim that - Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

I pray this prayer in the wonderful name
of our Savior and Lord, JESUS CHRIST! 

Copyright © 2017 Beth McLendon of Inspirational - Prayers.com

Sunday December 10, 2017

Sunday Prayer

Hanukkah is

December 12-20, 2017.

Jesus celebrated this holiday while on earth.

God wants us to pray for the Jews.

For example, Romans 10:1 says:

Dear brothers and sisters,

the longing

of my heart

and my prayer to God

is for

the people of Israel

to be saved.

A Prayer of Love for the Jewish People

Dear Lord,

We pray for the Jewish people during this Hanukkah season.

We pray that their families would draw close to one another at this joyous time, and that each person would draw closer to you.

During this Festival of Lights, we pray that the Light of the world, Jesus Christ, would be revealed to each one as his or her Messiah.

During this year, may all the Jewish people have the opportunity to recognize and accept Jesus as their Messiah.


Copyright ©2013 Beth McLendon of Inspirational-Prayers.com

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