National Day of Prayer 2014

Promoting Patriotism and Personal Repentance.

We need the Lord's blessing on our country.

We face difficult situations in our country.

But we have faced many difficult times in the past.

Let us allow our love of country and patriotism

to rise up in us.


Let us seek God's face, repent of our own sins, and

be personally re-dedicated to our Lord.

We also honor our Soldiers with our page:  Prayer for Soldiers

Almighty God,

In your lovingkindness you created America with rich resources. In your generosity, you hid vast supplies of coal, oil, and natural gas in order to power dynamic and determined people to achieve great things.

You tucked this land between two majestic oceans teeming with scrumptious sea life whose waters produce transportation highways through the sea.

Over two hundred years ago, you planted freedom and liberty into the hearts of a generation of motivated men.

You have consistently shared your knowledge with our scientists and inventors, like George Washington Carver, who inspire us to awesome levels of living.

And you gave the people of this lush land the priceless Gospel of Jesus Christ. You have honored us with the methods and the means to present the Gospel to every tribe and every tongue.

Today, we have turned far away from the noble tenets that we once aspired to, but instead have embraced a total tolerance to almost every form of evil.

Sadly, we realize that our allegiance to you has never been total.

From the beginning, our halls of justice have justified treating the Native Americans with a range of attitudes from indifference to contempt. Moreover, our cruel history doesn’t stop there. For years after the founding of this country, our halls of justice and our houses of worship ignored slavery and its horrific treatment of precious human beings. Yes, in many ways, our past is littered with the abandonment for those you love and those you created to be our spiritual brothers and sisters.

It is hard to admit that America’s history is not all purity and goodness. Down through the years, we have allowed ungodly men to gain power and to use that power to do immoral   - and in many cases  - illegal things in the name of our beloved country.

We have excused sin in many forms including taking life from unborn babies and treating seniors with disdain.

All too often, we have turned our attention away from teaching righteousness and instead settled for appeasing the powerful.

We have taken the purity of the Gospel and exchanged it for the fleeting favor of ungodly men.

Lord, we come to you this day and repent!

We repent of what our country has done. We come before you bringing no excuses. We come only bringing a repentant heart. We sincerely ask that you would forgive our country. We realize that our simple request embodies asking you to forgive an enormous amount of sin including an enormous amount of sorrow that has resulted from that sin.

We also come before you to ask that you would forgive us individually.

Lord, I ask personally that you would forgive me of MY sins. I come before you pledging that I will not turn away from you when you convict me of sin. I will seek to hear your voice, and I will work to turn from my ungodly ways.

Lord, it is hard to realize that I myself sometimes do things that you would call “sinful.”

I need to realize that even small instances of unkindness are not small in your eyes.

Lord, I know I need to face my sins and learn how to control myself, and other Christians are going to have to learn how to control themselves,
before our country is going to be able to significantly change.

Lord, remind me and help me to stir up new passion to become more like Jesus. I am dedicating myself to learn to love your will and your ways. I will regularly read your word, and I will grow more like Jesus.

May it never be said again that I am lukewarm toward you or your Word.

In Jesus name I pray,


Copyright © 2014 Beth McLendon of

A video about the life of George Washington Carver

is given near the bottom of the page.

But first, our National Anthem.

George Washington Carver

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