Daily Inspiration for Christmas

 Daily Inspiration to bless your life.

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This week we hope

our unique Christmas videos

will inspire you.


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friends and family.


Of all the Christmas videos I've seen,

this is one of the best!

I hope it uplifts you!

Celebrating Christmas:

When Love was Born.


One of the most beautiful Christmas songs

ever written

"Where's the Line to See Jesus"

Jesus is the

Reason for the Season


Everyone can tell the story of Jesus.

What simple way

or unique way

can you


to tell

the story of Jesus?


The next video is "Little Drummer Boy"

done with a light show.


Consider stepping out and sharing

about the birth of Jesus in your own unique way.

~ ~ ~

 The next video is one uniquely beautiful way.

Consider our page:

 Prayer for the Nations


Celebrating Christmas:

Love laying in a manger.


Encouraging You

to be


Star of the Lord

to help light the way

to Christ

for others this year!


We celebrate the birth of the King

with Sand Art.

TAKE NOTE: This video has a 1 minute preparation time.

So nothing happens until the 1 minute mark. It is silent until then.


The Christmas Story

is always



The next video is very unpolished

but funny and worth watching.

- - -

We hope this video

and all these videos

inspire you

to tell the story in your very own unique way.

People need the Lord.

We are the ones to tell them about him.


When you touch one person for Jesus,

You have touched the world.

We encourage you to help your children,

grandchildren, nieces, and nephews

to experience

the fun of telling the Story

of the Birth of our

Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

The following video

touches the

heart of Christmas.

Highlighted Bible Verse

Psalm 67

"O God, in mercy bless us;

let your face beam with joy

as you look down

on us.

Send us around the world

with the news of your saving power

and your eternal plan for all mankind.

How everyone throughout the earth will praise the Lord!

How glad the nations will be,

singing for joy because

you are

their King and will give true justice to their people!

Praise God, O world!

May all the peoples of the earth give thanks to you.

For the earth has yielded abundant harvests.

God, even our own God, will bless us.

And peoples from remotest lands will worship him."

Psalm 67 TLB

This page has highlighted

some unique ways

that people have chosen

to share the Christmas Story.

We encourage you

to step out and tell the

Story of the Savior!

Page originally presented Dec. 8, 2014