Mother's Day Prayer


Motivational, and Transformational

Mother's Day Prayer


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Being a mother

is the hardest job on earth.

We are on call 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

- - -

Being a mother

is the most important job on earth.

Nourishing, Protecting, Motivating, and Inspiring

a child


guiding that child into adulthood

is the most important job on earth.

- - -

Being a mother

can be the most tiring  job on earth.

I feel tired....

Dear Lord,

Refresh me when I feel tired.

Refocus me when I feel overwhelmed.

Revive me when I feel defeated.


Remind me when I get forgetful.

In Jesus' name I pray,


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More Mother's Day Prayer


in the next prayer,

I pour out my heart to you.

Help me to be the outstanding mother

that I long to be.

Dear Lord God,

Create in me a humble heart.

Bring me the wisdom I need to be a great mom.

Remind me to draw close to you every day.

I long to be the kind of mom that my child will not only love, but also respect, admire, and enjoy -  both in childhood and later in adulthood.

Lord, help me to love my child in a way that will deeply nourish my child.

I want my love for my child to express itself in  thoughtfulness and encouragement.

I want to notice and celebrate the wonderful uniqueness of my child.

I desire to display a happy, relaxed attitude that can easily make room for instances of joy and laughter.

I yearn to have an understanding heart that shows my child that I am approachable even when he/she needs to give me bad news or tell me unpleasant things.

When my child is away from me, I want my child to picture me with a smile on my face and welcoming arms.

Lord, I want to daily model for my child a Christian walk of integrity and devotion to you. I want to model and to teach my child that the most important thing in life is to be dedicated to you.

Lord, I already feel like a failure as I look back over this prayer.

Lord, help me to pursue all these things without beating myself up when I fail.  Help me remember that I don’t have to be perfect, to be a great mom.

Remind me to encourage myself and forgive myself as I walk this path of motherhood.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Copyright © 2016 Beth McLendon of


Remind me of the importance

of telling my child,

"I love you."

More Prayer

from a Mother's Heart

Loving Lord,

Thank you so much for my child.

Help me to express amazing love to my child this day.

Help me to be helpful toward my child's needs, compassionate toward my child's hurts,
encouraging toward my child's trials,
enthusiastic toward my child's victories,
warm toward my child's presence - even when I am busy -
and forgiving toward my child's mistakes.

I want to be a great mom.

Help me to yield to your guidance this day.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Copyright © 2016 Beth McLendon of

Adapted from a 2014 prayer by Beth McLendon


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