The Shroud of Turin

Is the Shroud of Turin

the burial cloth of Jesus Christ?


There is no way to be sure,
but many do believe
it is the burial cloth of Jesus Christ.

I am one of those who believe.

My belief is not from trusting that the television shows I have seen always present truth. (I do not think they always do.)

I do not believe that -  just because a television show says
something  - then that makes it true. Many shows that say they
are giving us "facts" about Christian history are not. Many shows rely on "experts" that I do not agree are "experts."

But in this case,
I have had the blessing to meet and get to know a man
who is considered by
the Christian world to be a Christian expert on
the Resurrection of Jesus.
He believes that the Shroud of Turin is real.
He has convinced me.

He was the personal friend of a scientist
who actually did testing on the shroud
several years ago when testing was done.

Note that the wounds on the shroud are the same wounds that Jesus had.

This page has two videos that I recommend.


Using the latest technology, scientists can now give us a picture of what the man shown on the Shroud of Turin looked like in real life.

If this really is the burial cloth of Jesus, then viewers can see what Jesus probably looked like by watching this video.

Great information from Barrie Schwortz.

You also might like to look at other Youtube videos done by
Barrie Schwortz.
He was a photographer on the team that investigated the shroud over 30 years ago.

His website is:

We at Inspirational-Prayers have no knowledge of this man other than viewing some videos on Youtube.

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