Christmas Prayer

Christmas Prayer


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Christmas Music

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Celebrating Jesus at Christmas.

Christmas Prayer

from the heart


Here we are again -

Celebrating You at Christmas.

Help me make this Christmas

More about You -

And less about shopping, gifts, and busyness.

Help me to remember that You

Are the Reason for the Season.

In loving devotion I pray,


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You are Emmanuel

God with us

You are The Light of the World

You are

The Savior of the World

Celebrating Jesus at Christmas

and every day!

A Christmas Poem

by Beth McLendon


Praise Him, Praise Him,

Praise Him in the Highest,

Praise Him in the Highest,

Place in your heart!

Glory to God in the Highest...

Place in your Heart!


A Christmas Prayer


Help me to remember

each day

to make sure you are seated in the

highest place in my heart.


You are

The Light of the World

Christmas Joy

Amazing Light Shows at Christmas

Ring Christmas Bells,

Merrily Ring,

Tell all the world,

Jesus is King!

Do you Hear

What I Hear?


You are The Word of God!


we will worship YOU!

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