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romantic words:

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

When I get home,

I've got a Big Kiss for you!



Romantic Ideas

1. Go for a romantic canoe ride together.

2. Have a romantic talk about the wonderful fireworks between you two.

For example:

"When we were dating, you gave me swarms of butterflies and explosions of fireworks in my heart when you _____"

"When you help me with (for example the dishes), it creates fireworks in my heart." 

"When you (do such and such), it explodes fireworks in me."

"When I see you wearing ________, it creates fireworks in me."

3. Recreate your first date - or a memorable date.

Go back and do the things you did on that date.

For example:

Go back to the same restaurant or play the same music that was playing. 

4. E-mail your spouse the link to a romantic  Youtube video song. 

5. Be silly...

Mess up each other's hair - and then take of picture of you two together.

6. Wives – Kiss your husband while you have on RED lipstick – kiss him all over his face – and then take a picture.

Encourage him to have a funny expression.

7. Place a note on a piece of lettuce near his / her place at the table.

Write on the note: 

Lettuce have a romantic encounter tonight!

8. Send your spouse a romantic compliment:

Men write:

"You are beautiful. I love your _____."

Some suggestions: smile, eyes, hair, figure

Women write:

"You are a hunk. I love your _____."

Some suggestions: rugged body, arms, muscles

9. Share this idea in a fun way with your spouse.

This week, let's make vegetables a priority.

(Especially lettuce and squash.)

This week....

Lettuce always lovingly kiss before we go to bed.

Lettuce always enjoy a sweet kiss before we leave for work in the morning.

Lettuce enjoy a dramatic, award-winning kiss when we see each other after work.

Lettuce squash bad attitudes quickly.

Lettuce see the best in each other. 

10. If we must fight.... then we... Pillow Fight!

Number 11...





12. Create a fun message for your spouse. Use a piece of poster board. Draw a red heart outline on the poster board. Tape lots of Hershey kisses on top of the heart outline.

Then write the word "YOU" in red in the center of the heart.

At the top of the poster board write, "I want to surround you and cover you with kisses."

13. Celebrate the two of you by...

Taking a favorite picture of the two of you and send it to a company that puts that image on a cake. (Some grocery stores do this.) 

14. Tell your spouse - You are AMAZING!

Whisper to your spouse...

"I love it when you ______. You are AMAZING!"

15. Praise your spouse in front of people.

Nothing too attention getting.... just gently say,

"I have a fantastic wife." or "I have a fantastic husband."

This is great to do in front of your children sometimes!

16. Most husbands and wives have times when they feel ignored and need a little affirmation. 

How about you two agree to ring a little bell when you need a little attention?

** Here is a cute way to get a little attention. **

A friend of mine gave me a hand bell that had painted on it, "Ring for a Kiss".

I encourage you to buy one or make your own.

Then when you (or your spouse) needs a little attention, you ring the bell (or your spouse rings the bell).


Rules during conflict:

We agree that -

Before we can criticize our spouse,

we must say three wonderful things

that our spouse does

that we love for them to do.  

If you can afford it...

17. Take a horse-drawn carriage ride.

Give your honey a romantic greeting card while you are enjoying the ride.

18. Men - Rent a limo to take your wife to get her hair done. (You pick her up when she is done.)

Tell your wife you are going to do it BEFORE you do it. Some women do not like surprises!

"Honey, what would you think if I got a limo to come and pick you up and take you to your next hair appointment?"

(If she likes it "Great", if not, say, "O.K. I'll try to think up something else to bless you.")

No matter what -

Let's show AMAZING LOVE to our spouse!

One more

Idea for Men to do

Men, one day when you feel you have learned more about romance - you might want to re-ask your wife to marry you. 

You might say... "If I was more romantic when we were dating, I would have asked you to marry me in a more awesome way. If I had it to do all over again, I would have said....." 

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