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Daily Inspiration


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A Monday through Sunday


for the week of September 18.


The Words



Let's honor the Lord

this week

by hearing his Word.


The Words of Jesus in the last few hours of his life.

John chapter 14

Highlighted verses

Jesus said:

"If you love me, you will obey my commandments."

John 14:15

Jesus said:

"Those who accept my commandments

and obey them

are the ones who love me."

John 14:21

Dear Lord,

I want to honor you this day.

I will seek to obey your commandments.

Thank you for dying for me.



John chapter 15

Highlighted verse

Jesus said:

"I am the vine."

John 15:5

Dear Heavenly Father,

Your Word says that

Jesus is the vine, and I am a branch.

Your Word tells me to abide in the vine.

I declare that I will abide in the vine every day.

I will read the Bible every day.

And I will seek to obey your commands.

I need you


than I even know.


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scroll to the bottom of the page.


John chapter 16


John chapter 17


Jesus was -  not - teaching us to embrace

the ecumenical movement

that is forming

that teaches that

all religions are worshipping the same god.

Many in the ecumenical movement are using verses in John chapter 17 to try and get people to join them.

Those who are part of the ecumenical movement are not following many of the important teachings of the Bible. 

The Bible warns us that one day there will be

a one world religion - 

and the Bible says

that the

one world religion is not of God.


All mainline denominations are (slowly or quickly) falling away from the vital doctrines in the Bible. Be careful in these difficult days. Believe the Bible no matter what.

Believe what Jesus said. His words are our daily bread.

And please join me in praying that our churches will experience a revival and will then seek with a whole heart to follow the words of the Bible instead of the words of the world.

2 Timothy 3:16 tells us:



is given by inspiration of God,

and is profitable for doctrine,

for reproof,

for correction,

for instruction in righteousness.

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John chapter 18

Please consider completing the book of John

by scrolling below

for the last few chapters.

Highlighted verse

Jesus said:

"Whoever belongs to the truth

listens to me."

John 18:37 b


John chapter 19


John chapter 20


John chapter 21

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John 19:14 -

many scholars think that the "sixth hour"

means the sixth hour of the trial

not the sixth hour of the day.

Abide in the Vine


"Abide" is Strong's Greek number 3306 (see definition by scrolling down.)

Abide is used 11 times in John chapter 15.

3306   //  menw  //  meno   //  men'-o  // 

AV - abide 61, remain 16, dwell 15, continue 11, tarry 9, endure 3,
misc 5; 120

1) to remain, abide
1a) in reference to place
1a1) to sojourn, tarry
1a2) not to depart
1a2a) to continue to be present
1a2b) to be held, kept, continually
1b) in reference to time
1b1) to continue to be, not to perish, to last, endure
1b1a) of persons, to survive, live
1c) in reference to state or condition
1c1) to remain as one, not to become another or different
2) to wait for, await one

The word "abide" is used often in  the book of 1 John.

For example Abide (3306) is used 2 times in 1 John 3:24.

"Now he who keeps His commandments abides in Him,

and He in him.

And by this we know that He abides in us,

by the Spirit whom He has given us."

1 John 3:24 NKJV

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