The New Year 2015

Happy New Year 2015

I assume that you

came to this page to get inspiration

to make 2015 a spectacular year.

So how do you make 2015 a spectacular year?

The Answer:

There is an old song that I hear in the grocery store a lot.

It has a powerful line in the song

It is:

Here's your miracle  -  Stand up and Fight!

If you want a spectacular year,

you are going to have to

decide what you want out of 2015 and then

Stand up and Fight!


Christians usually want to become

stronger Christians in the new year.

This site has almost 400 pages of inspiration for you
to help you grow strong in the Lord
and accomplish your goals.

It is going to take determination and self-control
to become
the Christian that you dream of being.

Next Year can be


Fight the distractions and hindrances
that stand in your way.

This site has lots of pages that show you
to get strong in the Lord.

For example -

We have a Spiritual Warfare prayer
that is very popular.

We have Prayers for Strength.

Visit our Miracle page and this year become a Miracle.

Visit one of our one-week study pages like:

Stay Amazed 


Inspirational Thoughts about Fear


Achieving Victory

Note that: We also have help with new year's resolutions for
money management and exercising.

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If you want a Spectacular Year,
it is going to take you making a decision
to spend time getting to know God better.

It is going to take a decision to intentionally get excited
about Jesus this year.

You have to take some of the time you spend on Facebook

and texting and talking on the phone

and give that time to the Lord.

Are you willing?

I can promise you that in eternity,
you will wish you had.

You can become courageous this year.

You can become the Christian you want to be.

What are you waiting for?

Many people are waiting for their cat to bark!

Are YOU?

Decide to get started!

Forgive yourself when you mess up!

And when you fall down, get back up and start again!

Here's Your Sign from God - It's this page!

The following song is not a Christian song.

And it doesn't have a totally positive message.

But when it says:

Stand up and Fight -

It gets my determination stirred up!


I am going to do it!

I am going to get determined to really grow as a Christian this year.

I am going to find time to spend with you in prayer and Bible reading.

I am going to listen to Christian songs that get me stirred up to obey you and stay close to you.

And if you nudge me, I'll read some of the pages on this site.

This year I am going to feel good about my relationship with you.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Don't forget the Bible can be heard on audio on Youtube and other places  - if you do not like to read.


We have a word by word movie of the

Gospel of Matthew on our

MOVIE page.


Song - This Is It

There have been times in my life

I've been wondering why

Still somehow I believed

We'd always survive

Now I'm not so sure

You're waiting to hear

One good reason to try

But what more can I say

What's left to provide

You think that maybe it's over

Only if you want it to be

Are you gonna wait for your sign, your


Stand up and fight

This is it

Make no mistake where you are

This is it

Your back's to the corner

This is it

Don't be a fool anymore

This is it

The waiting is over

No room to run

No way to hide

No time for wondering why

It's here

The moment is now

About to decide

Let him believe

Or leave him behind

But keep me near in your heart

And know, whatever you do

I'm here by your side

You said that maybe it's over

Not if you don't want it to be

For once in your life,

Here's your miracle,

Stand up and fight

This is it

Make no mistake where you are

This is it

You're going no further

This is it

Until it's over and done

No one can tell you what you know

Who makes the choice of how it goes

It's not up to me this time

You know

There comes a day in every life

This is it

Make no mistake where you are

This is it

You're going no further

This is it

Until it's over and done

This is it

One way or another

This is it

No one can tell what the future holds

This is it

Your back's to the corner

This is it

You make the choice of how it goes

This is it

The waiting is over

This is it

No one can tell what the future holds

This is it

You're going no further.

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