Dancing with Jesus

Dancing with Jesus

is a story that is waiting for you.

You are the main character.

This page is written for women.

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Please accept the part of the beautiful princess.

Allow yourself to join this story already in progress.

You are a beautiful princess at an elegant ball.

You have on a magnificent floor-length gown.

The music is slow and romantic.

You wish you had come with a date.

Will anyone ask you to dance?

You are a beautiful princess dressed in a gorgeous gown.

As you move through the banquet hall, his eyes follow you.

He is powerful. He is mighty.

He can command the armies of heaven, yet you are the one who draws his attention.

He seeks you.

Then suddenly he makes his move.

He threads through the throngs of people working his way toward you.

With each step, he shortens the distance between the two of you.

You shyly look away.

You’ve sensed his interest, and you have known for quite some time that he wants a close relationship with you.

You turn your head back toward him as he approaches.

As he stands before you, his request is simple, “Will you dance with me?”

Dancing with Jesus

Cradled in his arms, you glide together. Every step is graceful and perfectly placed. You feel a gentle breeze blowing as your dress sweeps the floor.

The beauty of the oneness of the dance causes time to stand still. You are dancing in your own special world. You are with the heavenly bridegroom, and you are the bride. 

~ ~ ~

The King of heaven has fallen in love with you.

He thinks about you constantly.

He wants to captivate your heart.

This heavenly pursuer has given much thought on how to

approach you

in order to secure your love.

His greatest desire is for you to dance with him for all eternity.

Copyright 2006 Beth McLendon of Inspirational-Prayers.com

Living in the Kingdom of God

Young princesses have much to learn. Many are not aware that men are designed to lead the dance. So instead of submitting and following, they continue to step independently.

On the other hand, some woman know protocol, yet resist the rule and try to coax our heavenly bridegroom into moving with them.

By attempting to direct the dance:

  • Harmony is interrupted,
  • Intimacy is reduced, and
  • Toes are stepped on.

There are a multitude of reasons why the heavenly dance is not unified; yet the only way to feel secure and fully enter into oneness with the Lord Jesus is to let him lead.

The purpose of this "Dancing with Jesus" website page:

The purpose is to bring more harmony with the Lord into the life of each princess and prepare her to fully enjoy dancing with the Lord.

You are the

Beautiful Bride of Christ.

Dancer's Prayer

Dancer's Prayer

Sent to us

by Lily

of California

Giver of life, Creator of all that is lovely,

Teach me to sing the words of your song; 
I want to feel the music of living 
And not fear the sad songs, 
But from them make new songs 
Composed of both laughter and tears.

Teach me to dance to the sounds of your 
world and your people, 
I want to move in rhythm with your plan; 
Help me to try to follow your leading, 
To risk even falling, 
To rise and keep trying 
Because you are leading the dance.


Shining in His Light

Something is wrong with me!

If a woman feels that she is flawed and defective, she will:

  • Hinder God’s work through her  
  • Shy away from intimacy with God
  • Suffer needlessly emotionally and 
  • Miss out on many covenant blessings.

God desires us to accept his assignment of

Shining in His Light!


When a woman sees herself

as valuable,

she will be able to

reflect the light of Jesus

with more brilliance.

She will shine for Jesus.

Reflection Section:

Are you comfortable speaking kindly to yourself?

Do you receive compliments with a simple “Thank you?”

Do you allow yourself to make mistakes?

Are you comfortable forgiving yourself?

Do you encourage yourself?

Give yourself

the gift of GRACE!

Dancing Lessons

This section is an extra highlighting of some of the

important points on this Dancing with Jesus page.

One of the first things you learn when you take ballroom dancing lessons is that the man leads.

A man who knows how to dance can lead a woman to appear to be a much more accomplished dancer than she is - even if she is rather new to ballroom dancing. 

When the man leads, and the woman willingly submits to follow, the result is a dancing duo that is breathtaking to watch. 

Dancing with Jesus

So too it is with our Bridegroom Jesus Christ.  He is one who is to lead. If we begin to force our own way, life becomes awkward, toes are stepped on,  and pain results.

Yet if we lovingly submit to our heavenly Bridegroom, he can enable us to create an incredible life. 

Special Notes

Being in love with the Lord and the Lord being in love with us.....

It is true that it won't be exactly the same as with a human person. But there are many similarities. 

See our falling in love with God page.

Men leading....

Please do not over think this page. We are not saying that men have the right to always force you to do what they want. And we are giving no opening for men to hurt or harm or in any way abuse women. God commands men to cherish and protect women.

God told men to love their wives like Christ loved the church and Christ gave everything - including his life - for us - the church. 

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