We need Hope ...

We need Hope.

This is written in June 2020 in the U.S.A. 

There is an attack on HOPE in our country.

Let's not forget that Hope has another name - JESUS!

The enemy of our soul has launched an attack

to take away


and everything else he can get his hands on.

This has lead many people to fight depression

and some even to experience

suicidal thoughts. 

No one is immune

to being touched by depression and hopelessness. 

This page has videos and prayer.

Addressing Depression

especially in this time in history.

The biggest decision you have

in depressing times is:

Will I draw closer to God


will I draw away from God?

Let's PRAY 

for ourselves and for others.

Dear Lord,

We are calling out to you in our times of difficulties.

We are calling out to you

as we watch

distressing and confusing events. 

We lift up our pleas for help

as we combat

the constant barrage of hopelessness

that is coming from the media. 

We lift up our pleas for comfort

 as we move from day to day in a world that is broken.

We lift up our pleas for stability

in a world that sometimes appears to have abandoned

justice, common sense, decency, compassion, and godliness. 

We cry out for your mercy. 

Supernaturally lift us up today above it all.

And remind us of things

that we can do to cooperate with you


welcoming and encouraging godly thoughts and emotions.

We need strategies and we need motivation.

Show us how to receive more of your peace.

Give us practical, specific instructions.

We lean on you this day

as we intentionally receive your assurance

that you love us and that you are watching carefully

all that has to do with us.

We pray in the healing name of Jesus,


Copyright © 2020 Beth McLendon of Inspirational-Prayers.com

A Song of Comfort

Lord, we are reaching out to you...

with our burdens and troubles.


A huge portion of the world is apathetic about you at best

and rebellious about you at worst. 

I lift up prayer to you for refreshment

as I live in this anti-Jesus world.

I pray for help

in the name of Jesus, my Hope,



Next we have specifics about 

how to...

BEWARE of things that drain your hope


EMBRACE things that Strengthen you and your Hope.

Hope is drained off by...

Beware of these

Hope Zappers

Emotional Exhaustion - drains Hope.

Watching the mainstream media - drains Hope.

Listening to complaining - drains Hope.

Moving away from Jesus - drains Hope.

Take note:

Dealing with family members who don't follow Jesus

can drain our Hope -


Just keep that in mind and make sure you are

refreshing yourself.

Fill in the blanks...

And _________ drains Hope.

And _________ drains Hope.

Things   that   increase   Hope

As Christians,

God wants to teach us to rise above

the natural


live in a realm of the


Note: If you are not sure you are right with God, click here: Explaining Christianity


I call out to you to

give me ideas and help so that I can

live in a 




Your Hope 

encourages me

no matter what the circumstances.


Encourage me,



How do you

renew your strength

when you become emotionally exhausted?

It is helpful to write a list of

Christian songs,


Prayers, etc.

that help to elevate your mood....

Run to that list when Hope begins to dwindle.

Take note:

In 1 Kings 19:4 -

Elijah felt that hope was gone for him.

He felt like giving up.

But God provided some supernatural food for him. 

Be ready to receive the supernatural that God is going to give you.

AND take note that you also need to walk toward the supernatural in ways such as ....

***  Putting on the Armor of God...

God tells us in Ephesians chapter 6

that we MUST put ON the Armor of God

in order

to be


This website has lots of prayers

that help you put on the Armor of God

while leaving you feeling POWERFUL and STRONG.

Here are our

Enthusiastic, Powerful...

Armor of God prayers!

And it helps to

Learn How


*** Wait on God.

We have a page: Waiting on God


A Sermon of


for such as day as this.

Sermon starts at 28 min 30 sec

One thing to remember

No matter what happens tomorrow -

Jesus is already there.


A Beautiful Song to Draw us to Jesus


I am not endorsing any singer or group just these individual videos. Please do not let any posting of any video lead you to think I am endorsing those who are on the video.

To Increase STRENGTH and ELEVATE your Mood

Read our

 Champions for Christ pages


Armor Power Music

For Down Days:

Comfort from God 

Also - Prayer for weary times

Please consider looking through our 

Prayer Pages and Strengthening Articles

To find something on a page:

On a computer, hold down the control button

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