Prayer for Healing 
from Abuse

Healing from Abuse

Childhood Abuse


Abuse received as an Adult

- Particularly Sexual Abuse -


I feel broken.

I feel like I can never get better.

The thoughts and feelings I have
drive me away from hope.

The thoughts and feelings I have
try to

drive me away from you.

I'm going to open my heart a little.

Will you bring healing and comfort into my heart?

Will you help me?


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Music reminds us

that we are not alone.

~ ~

Music has a way of

sidestepping some of our walls


bringing in new comfort and new healing.

We pray that this page brings you


comfort and healing.

Since everyone who visits this page

will not have the exact

same challenges,

check out the different songs to see which ones

connect with you.

Lyrics from the song below:

God says,

"When you see broken beyond repair,

I see healing beyond belief.

When you see too far gone,

I see one step away from home...


When sexual abuse is discussed in the media,

they usually ignore the massive amounts

of male victims

of sexual abuse and rape.

1 out of 6 boys under 18 is sexually abused.

That can make male victims

feel even more alone and isolated.

- - -

The next song is about

- little girls AND little boys -

who were sexually abused.

Guys, the song may say "broken girl"

but the love and healing contained in this song

is for you too.


I feel trapped in memories.

I feel trapped in emotions.

I feel trapped in hopelessness.

I need a miracle to set me free...

The next song is for victims of

rape and all kinds of sexual abuse.



After you finish this page,

consider another of our

Healing from Sexual Abuse


When you are sexually abused or raped

it is not your fault.

You did  - not -  sin.

You are the victim.

Being abused can end up with you feeling shameful and worthless even though you did nothing wrong.

Sometimes a result of abuse is pain so great that a person is drawn toward later choosing to sin in some way or to be drawn into a sinful lifestyle.

Hopefully the next song will help

men and women

who were abused as a child or teen

and their pain drew them toward later

bad choices in their life

that left them feeling guilt and shame.


Remind me

that you love me.


I pray for the one who is reading this page -

Speak clearly to that one today.

Speak clearly of your love.

Speak clearly of hope.

Speak clearly of healing.

Help them to listen.

In Jesus' name I pray,


I hope you will be strong in rejecting thoughts of


Our society defines 

Condemnation as -  thoughts of being worthless.

And it often attracts a feeling of shame.

God does - not -  give us thoughts of condemnation.

God does bring conviction of sins that we do.

(when you are a victim you did  - not - sin)

Each one of us sometimes sins.

Conviction is when we hear God telling us

that we sinned and we need to repent.

Psalm 51 and Psalm 32 tell us

HOW to find

the path to Repentance and Restoration of Joy.

See our Psalm 51 page

There has never been a moment

that you were not loved by God.


More Healing Music


Each of us was created by God.

God calls us his "sons" -

and women need to understand what God means.

God calls us his "bride" -

and men need to understand what God means.

His LOVE is so HUGE for you.

Hear him when he expresses his LOVE!

Next is a picture that looks like it is
for men

and a song that looks like it is
for women -

but the truth is that it is




We have two pages to help people

find keys to healing from Sexual Abuse :

How to Heal from Abuse


Help with all wounds from childhood

- - -

Sometimes the result of

sexual abuse

is the trauma of an abortion.

We have a page: Healing from Abortion

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