Finding Freedom - Finding Peace

Growing up isn't easy.

We get wounds.

Wounds create pain.

Pain seeks pleasure.

Seeking pleasure takes us into sin

that will destroy us.

Seeking God takes us into


Jack Frost will guide us toward healing


we will be determined to listen and follow wisdom.


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Part 2

Before we present our next video,

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Jack Frost's DVD resources are found by going to:

Below is the introduction to the Father's Love teachings.

The one pictured is the first one in the series.

The first one is Jack's testimony.

There are eight in the series.

I encourage you to order several.

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Jack Frost's Testimony

Jack telling his testimony at a different event.

Hearing it again and again really
gets the message down in your heart.

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This is a small taste of Jack's teaching about:

Orphan mindset


Feeling like a beloved child of God

Note that our prayer site

has an excellent teaching

about this topic:

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Receiving God's promise of Love

 The Power of Forgiveness

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if you have had to deal with an alcoholic parent, and or sexual abuse, or if you have been filled with hate concerning your childhood, please consider
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Josh McDowell

Now we continue with Jack Frost:

The Light of God

Disclaimer: I have listened to most of Jack Frost's teachings.

The only one I do not recommend is
Bitter Root Strongholds.

The reason is that there is an important biblical error in it.

If you have listened to lots of Jack Frost videos, and you feel God calling you to this one, I encourage you to write me
for more information.