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Fun with Kids

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God is Strong and Mighty



The Roar of the

Lion of my Salvation!

Amos 1:2a KJV says,

And he said,

The Lord will ROAR from Zion,

and utter his voice from Jerusalem.

The Bible says:

Do not worry about your life.

Luke 12:22

Do not let your hearts be troubled.

John 14:1

God is always with me!

God made ALL the animals.

The video below

lets you watch some animals having fun.

Who is the King of the Jungle?

Who Who?


The Bible

The Bible has AMAZING Stories.

The Bible tells us the story


David and Goliath

David knew that God loved him.

He knew God was on his side.

David loved God and wanted to obey God.

Below is an object lesson

for an adult to present to children.


Each child needs to know


God loves him or her very much

and that

he or she is valuable to God.

Below is an idea

to help children

learn how to

Grow Spiritually.

Making Bible Stories Extra Fun

Below is an idea

to add

more fun

to a Bible story.

Important Note:

I would not give out bags to the children.

I would give out

numbers to the children.

When it is time for that bag,
the child
with that number comes up to get the bag.

If you do it the way she suggests:

The children will be distracted
by the bags
and will be
opening them and playing with the contents.