Prayers for Addictions and Temptations

A Page of

Encouragement, Hope, and Motivation!

Music and Prayers for

Addictions and Temptations


I believe your help is on the way!

And I will cooperate with you each day.


Jesus knows how 


Break the chains of Addiction

Words & Feelings

Words and feelings of defeat and hopelessness

that keep you


in addictions

can be broken

by drawing close to Jesus!


Hear how "Chain Breaker" came to be written.

How to Surrender your life to Jesus

Run to


Heavenly Father

The closer you walk with Jesus,
the less room for anything to come between.

Unknown author

Lord God,

I am going to get close to you and stay close to you.

I am going to draw strength from you.

I am going to speak encouragement to myself when I feel discouraged. 

I am going to survive ... And one day ... I will thrive!

I am going to become strong and victorious.

In all these things, I am asking for your help and guidance.

I pray these Prayerful Power Sentences in the Powerful Name of Jesus,


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How to understand

The Trinity - The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

Holy  Spirit of God

  lead  me!

Prayer for

Addictions and Temptations 

Lord of Power and Love,

I reach out to you in prayer.

I pray that you will give me a renewed sense of strength and peace when I wake up each morning.

I pray that I will be more aware of your guidance and more aware of the direction you want me to go each day.

I pray that I will be more aware of the POWER you have given me today to overcome obstacles and temptations.

And I pray that you will give me the understanding of how to access that POWER  more fully than I have been able to do previously.

Father, I ask that you give me a feeling of joy and a feeling of freshness as I awaken to a new day.

Show me the opportunities you are putting before me.

Warn me of the traps that I will encounter along my path.

I will take the time to soak in your love and acceptance today.

I will be more thankful today for little blessings than I have been previously.

And I will yield myself today and follow you more closely than I have previously.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Copyright © 2019 Beth McLendon of

The Amazing Grace



In your time of difficulty,

don't lose your


continue to focus on God.

If you want God to help you with your addiction,

you are going to have to


Below is a Powerful Bible verse.

James 4:7

reminds us to

Submit to God

Resist the devil

and he will flee.

Ephesians chapter 6 

reminds us that

God has Victory armor that we need to wear.

Click here

to go to one of our

Full Armor of God Prayers.

(Be sure and visit the one for men or the one for women.)

I was born to be a

Champion for Christ

and it is about time that

I stood up and moved toward

God’s POWER.


Each day make a choice

to either

Stir up the Champion of Christ inside of you

(see the first section below)


Fall into God's arms to get the strength to

Stir up the

Champion of Christ inside of you.

(see the second section below)

If you stumble 
or if you fall down...

shake it off,
get back up
walking with Jesus.

Section 1

I am ready to be a Champion for Christ today!

Stir up


Strength of God!

We are

Champions for Christ!

Also consider our pages:

Champions for Christ Music

to add Strength to your Day.


to keep you

Stirred up to be a Champion for Christ.

Father God,

I will THINK like a Champion!

I will ACT like a Champion!

I will SPEAK like a Champion!

No weapon formed against me

shall prosper!


Copyright © 2017 Beth McLendon of

Prayer above - taken from our page:

Prayers for Champions

Visit the page above for more MOTIVATION!

Section 2

I need to run to my Heavenly Father and get some



Come and Rescue me.

When I call on Jesus,

all things are


When I feel down - When I am hurting -

I fall on my knees

and talk to God.

He is the one who gives us strength to get up and

move forward.

In your arms

Soaking music

Consider - Laying on the couch and

Listening to this strengthening song.


Direct my attention

Loving Lord,

I am seeking to draw close to you.

I am learning to receive strength and help from you.

Direct my attention to things that will bless me.

Direct my attention to the encouragement that you strategically place in my day.

Direct my attention to the beauty of this world that it may delight me and refresh me.

Direct my attention to inspiring music that has the ability to capture my emotions and carry them upward.

Direct my attention to the little miracles of joy and the explosions of laughter that you want me to experience.

Direct my attention, Lord.


Copyright © 2015 Beth McLendon of

We are God's child.

He wants to comfort us.

God created us

in such a way that

deep contentment and deep peace

could only come through

knowing Him and obeying Him.

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