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Twenty -five years ago I did a lot of research

about Noah's ark.

And found out - ASTONISHING - things.

I have only done a little since then.

But not much has changed.

I hope this page is inspirational to you.

The link below is put out as new news in September 2021
but I heard of this over 20 years ago
and I have rejected it at that time and now.

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There are many different sections on this page.

The third video gives

actual FOOTAGE of 

Fernand Navarra and his son who went to look for

Noah's Ark in 1955.

~ ~ ~

Be sure to scroll down and make sure you have seen

all those sections that would interest you

before you leave the page.

I have lots of interesting tidbits further down the page!


Further down the page,

I have notes to help you talk to children about the ark.

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One of my very favorite videos

 on Noah's ark

is the 4 th video below.

The 3 rd video has the story of

a man in 1955

who saw Noah's ark and took pictures.

I'll start with the Ark Encounter.

The Ark Encounter opened in Kentucky

just a few years ago,

with a

FULL  - Scale Model of the Ark

and lots of exhibits.

Below I have 2 videos from the

Kentucky Ark.

The first is less than 6 minutes.

Below you can see the TRUE shape of Noah's Ark.

They used the dimensions given to us by the Bible.

This second video answers lots of intellectual


about the ark and the flood.

At 36 minutes
it shows how Mt. St. Helens eruption
made a canyon of many rock layers in just a few hours!

(Not millions of years!)

Fernand Navarra

Fernand Navarra and his son went to look for

Noah's Ark in 1955.

~ ~ ~

The following video has real footage of that expedition.

There is a paperback book by Fernand Navarra that you can get on Amazon.  The book has pictures in it of the wood they found, and other  expedition pictures.

Noah's Ark: I Touched It

by Fernand Navarra


by Logos International

Another Fascinating Noah's Ark video

Below is a movie about looking for

Noah's Ark.

It is one of my favorites.

It is a movie made for adults.

I recommend you pre-viewing it
before showing it to children.

This movie gives some information that is not Christian.

I have always loved the story of Noah's ark and most children do as well.

I think this is the exact movie that I showed to my son when he was in elementary school.

I showed him many movies about Noah's Ark.

John Morris

At 37 minutes, you meet John Morris. I respect him, and I have heard him speak in person. He is a dedicated Christian who has gone to search for Noah's Ark. You will hear a short interview with him on this movie.

After John Morris' entrance, movie continues to tell many amazing trips by real people in recent years who really saw the ark!

Dr. Henry Morris

Soon after the one hour mark, you meet John Morris' father - Dr. Henry Morris. Dr. Morris has a bachelor's degree in civil engineering, a master's degree in Hydraulics, and a P.h.D in Hydraulic engineering. On the movie, he explains the sea-worthiness of Noah's ark.

Fernand Navarra

Real video footage of Fernand Navarra on Mt Ararat with wood from Noah's ark is on the following video. This can be seen at the one hour 11 minute mark on this In Search for Noah's Ark movie.

Also note:

The Scientific evidence for Noah's Flood

is given at the 25 minute mark

and continues for about 10 minutes.

The Animals

How did Noah collect all the animals?


The Bible tells us that Noah didn't collect them.


 "Of fowls after their kind, and of cattle after their kind,

of every creeping thing

of the earth after his kind,

two of every sort

shall come unto thee,

to keep them alive."

Genesis 6:20 KJV

How did Noah fit all the animals on the ark?

How did all those animals get fed every day?

Many Christian scientists believe that
many of the animals on the ark
hibernated during part of their stay.

Many scientists also believe that

some of the large types of animals

were probably brought to Noah

when they were young and small.

Why is Noah's Ark so hard to find?

Genesis 8:4-5

And the ark rested in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month,
upon the mountains of

And the waters decreased continually until the tenth month: in the tenth month, on the first day of the month,
were the tops of the mountains seen.

The Mountains of Ararat

are in Eastern Turkey

The believed location of Noah's ark is a huge area

with extremely harsh conditions.

The mountains of Ararat are huge and probably the most massive mountainous area in the world.

The mountains of Ararat not only have two peaks but numerous areas of uplift, numerous canyons, and multiple seemingly bottomless holes. The area overwhelms people with its vastness.

Most people who go on expeditions to find the ark only go in late July or August. The snow is believed to cover the ark at other times of the year. The only hope of seeing Noah's ark is a year with a warm summer that would melt a significant amount of the snow.

What is so hard about finding a big boat?

The terrain is treacherous.

The ground is covered with loose rocks which make it hard to make forward progress. 

One explorer said that it was like walking on bowling balls, and one wrong step could start a rock slide.

It takes a lot of exertion to walk and breathe in the high altitude area of the ark.

Also note that explorers talking to one another can cause an avalanche.

The massive blizzards of the area discourage would-be explorers.

Even in summer, an expedition must face harsh, winter-like weather conditions. It is never truly summer there.

There are also frequent thunderstorms with dangerous lightning. John Morris, and his team, was hit by lighting while searching for the ark.

The nomadic people who live there are temperamental and sometimes dangerous.

The government is hostile.

There are wild, dangerous animals to avoid.

It costs a lot of money to put together an expedition.

Those are just a few of the obstacles to finding Noah's Ark!

If this subject really interests you,

consider going to Youtube and do a search for

"John Morris."

~ ~ ~ ~

You will find several videos with

John Morris talking about Noah and the Flood.

AND the next video is a book by

John Morris. 

Children's Section

A Children's Book about Noah's Ark

Tips For Teaching Children about Noah

This section is also found on our Family Devotions page.

Here are questions that I gave to children about Noah.

I used the questions to help children learn more about Noah and to help them practice looking up verses in the Bible:

1. What were the names of Noah's sons? Genesis 6:10

2. How old was Noah when the flood waters came? Genesis 7:6

3. How long did it rain during Noah's flood? Genesis 7:17

4. The Bible says every mountain was totally covered. The whole earth was covered. Every mountain had water over it at least _____________ feet deep.  Genesis 7:20

5. Where did the boat land? Genesis 8:4

After your child does the page,

you may want to share:

**Many Christian scientists believe that we didn't have the huge mountains we have today. Many believe that after the flood waters covered the earth, some type of catastrophic processes pushed up some of the mountain ranges.

**People used to live longer in Noah's day. Some Creation scientists that before the flood there was a water canopy over the earth that protected it from harmful rays from the sun that age us.

**Today if all the clouds on the earth were forced to rain down on the earth, there would only be about 2 inches all over the earth. So what made the flood waters? Many Christian scientists suggest that there may have been a water canopy over the earth and that during the flood, it collapsed. In addition, the Bible tells us that the fountains of the deep were broken up and water came spewing up from the ground.

**Only 8 people got on the ark. See the bottom of the page for more information about that.

It is important in this day and time to show our children


even if the world doesn't believe the Bible - our family does!

We believe what God says, not what man thinks.

Hidden secrets in the Bible

The Genealogy from Adam to Noah

tell an interesting story.

A Boat-Shaped Formation

Ron Wyatt found a boat - shaped formation

and said it is Noah's Ark.


Did Ron Wyatt find Noah's Ark?

Ron Wyatt said he found Noah's Ark.

From my viewpoint:

I don't agree he found it.

When I looked into this a few years ago, as I recall, what he discovered was just a shape of a boat on the ground. I dismissed his claims years ago.

For creating this page on my website, I have quickly searched and found these two articles that discuss this boat formation.

Against the boat - shaped ground formation
being Noah's Ark:

John Morris discusses this boat formation in the ground -


I do promote what John Morris says

about searching for Noah's Ark. 

I have heard him speak in person many years ago.

Years ago I did lots of research on this subject.


Please continue to scroll down this page.

Only 8 people got into Noah's Ark

The Bible tells us 8 people were on the ark.

This is found in:

Genesis 7:13

1 Peter 3:30

Most theologians believe that over one million people lived on the earth at the time of Noah.

Yet even if there were some very small number such as 10,000 people, it is still mind-boggling that only 8 people followed God and were saved from the flood.

How can that be?

There are many aspects to that answer. Here are a couple of them that still apply to people today.

# 1 - The cares of this world pull people away from God.

Matthew 13:22

Also see Mark 4:19

# 2 - An attitude of lawlessness and rebellion against God pull people away from God. 

Matthew 24:12

Also see: Matthew 7:23, Romans 6:19, Hebrews 1:9

Jesus gives us insights into this topic in Matthew 7:13-14 NKJV.

The Narrow Way to Heaven

13 “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. 14 Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

Jesus also tells us that near the end of time,
things will be as in the days of Noah.

~ ~ ~

I believe the generation that is living today
will be alive to see Jesus coming back the second time
as Jesus predicted
as Peter wrote about in:

2 Peter 3:3-11

So always be mentally and emotionally  prepared

to follow Jesus

even if

everyone else

abandons their faith in Jesus and the Bible.

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