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This week's topic:

The Devil's




The devil is real.

The devil is also called Satan.

We are going to talk about

his lies & strategies.

If you want to know

who the devil is - check out our page:

Who is the devil?


Uncovering the Agenda

Let's compare

The devil vs. God

The Bible is old and out-dated.

Don't bother reading the Bible.

Prayer won't change anything.

Have sex with anyone you want.

Lying is not a big deal.

White lies are not lies.

God doesn't care about you.

Being a good person is
enough to get you in heaven.

The Bible is a gift from God. It will guide us toward the right way to live.

Prayer is very POWERFUL. 

Sex is for marriage.

Lying is a sin. 

White lies are sins. We need to learn how to talk to one another without sinning.

God loves you with an everlasting love, and he wants you to be with him in heaven.

Being a good person does not mean you will go to heaven.

                                             Take Note

John 8:44 says -                                        The Bible says - 
The Devil is The Father of Lies              Jesus is THE TRUTH.                                                                        The Bible is TRUTH.

Jesus said:

The devil is called

The Father of Lies.

John 8:44
at the end of the verse

The devil wants to teach you

and your loved ones




It can be difficult to tell the truth.

You can face consequences.

You can be embarrassed or humbled.

Even so, God wants us to be truthful people.

I invite you to our page about lying

which is called -

The Belt of Truth


What does the devil want to do?

The devil has a will

and he seeks to carry out that will.



Paul Harvey

gives us

his thoughts

on what

the devil wants to do

and what he

would say

to us.

Here is

one of

Paul Harvey's


The devil

would say to us,

"I would caution against



hard work,


and moral conduct."

Paul Harvey

in 1965

I hope you will watch

the following video

and see how

the words of

Paul Harvey

have been coming true

in the United States of America.

Satan wants to:

Lower our inhibitions


Distort our perceptions

Satan has infiltrated

most of the entertainment industry.

Take note that

Satan is - not -  interested in entertaining.

Satan is interested in



to believe


to live out

his view of right and wrong.

When watching entertainment,

it is important to keep in mind

that whatever you are watching

a television show,



music video,

it has probably been designed

to secretly

move you closer

to Satan's way of thinking.

The Bible teaches us to say:

I have treasured Your word

in my heart,

so that I may not sin against You.

Psalm 119:11 NASB


Satan wants to take

as many people as possible

with him to eternal punishment.

Satan lies to us

by saying


if you are basically a good person

you go to heaven

when you die.

But the truth is

that only by trusting Jesus and following Jesus

-  as your Savior and Lord - 

can you enter your place of blessing in heaven.

What is Salvation from Hell?

We repent of our sins and give our life to Jesus Christ.
Then we sincerely seek to follow HIM.

Matthew 16:24-25 says,

“Then Jesus said to His disciples,

'If anyone wishes to come after Me,

he must deny himself


take up his cross and follow ME.' ”

Consider our pages:

Explaining Salvation

Prayer for Salvation


 What does the devil want?

Get you to doubt God's word

Get you paralyzed with fear

Get you to not share the gospel

Get you to live in shame

Get you to worship an idol

Get you deceived

From Crosswalk.com 


When the devil is trying to attack you - 

fight back with the POWER of God!

Next I present an excellent video

that describes

what is happening in the United States -

and it was first presented

50 years ago!!!


Myself and those who are

on this website team

are all Protestants.

We have a couple of

fundamental differences from  

Catholic doctrine.


no matter what denomination you are

I believe that you will be interested

in the following video.

Consider our pages:

Belt of Truth prayers

Full Armor of God prayers

This page first posted in April 2021.

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