What about Evolution?


God created.

All Christians know that creation

didn't happen

by random chance.


You probably don't know that

Scientists get fired

if they personally believe that "God created..."

even if they believe God created using evolution.

Please consider being informed.

Note that we at this website

receive Christians

as a brother or sister in the Lord

no matter if you believe

God created in 6 days or millions of years.

The video below

opened my eyes.

What is going on?

Ben Stein

has created a video will shock most Christians.

This video exposes the anger that has crept into

mainstream science

and the media

at the mention of a Creator.

This video is a must-see for Christians -

even if you only view 15 minutes of it.

Video Title:

No Intelligence Allowed

Consider skipping the long introductory credits

and starting at

4 minutes.

Life evolving without a Creator

is becoming

a "fact" in our world.

Evidence of a Creator

As I have thought about how to prove that God created life, I have had a thought that I believe makes a very valid point:

No one can take an animal - for example a cat -  that has tragically died from lack of water, and then add water into the dead cat and it then becomes alive. 

Even though the dead cat has everything needed for life.

That cat would have all the building blocks of life. And I remind you that  scientists have been saying for years that they are almost able to make life in a test tube. They are spending years trying to create the right conditions for life to "happen."

So since a cat who died of dehydration has all the building blocks of life - the cat should be able to be revived by just adding water -


No, you can't just add water. But why not?

You can have all the building blocks to life and not have life.

It is amazing that highly intelligent scientists

have spent years and years

focused on the goal of trying to produce life.....

and many still think it happened without

ANY intelligence.

And more in more in society,

if someone tries to add "intelligence" to evolution,

he or she is ridiculed.

Next is a short video by

Dr. A. E. Wilder-Smith

On the subject of


A video

about Beauty and Mathematics

The Big Bang Theory is Flawed


First there was nothing...

and then it exploded.

I added the following video in March 2018.

I have hesitated to add it.

The speaker is a controversial person who I personally have some disagreements with some of his ideas.


he did do the best job I have ever heard on the topic of the Big Bang.

Also note that he makes some good points near the end of the video.

A Scripture Study

An interesting thought for you to ponder:

In the beginning,

God created the heavens and the earth.

Gen 1:1

In the beginning - Time

God created the heavens - Space

and the earth - Matter

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