Becoming more like Jesus

Becoming more like Jesus


Monday - Thursday Devotional


Bless Your Life

This page is presented
by your host Beth McLendon


An Inspirational Video

The above movie clip is from a new movie called

War Room

It is from the same people who created

these other great movies:

Facing the Giants    (Tuesday's video)

Flywheel                   (Wednesday's video)

Courageous              (Thursday's video)

Fireproof                  (not featured this week)


Miracles can happen.

I encourage you to watch the videos
presented this week and
let something inside of you rise up.

I encourage you to take time
to listen to what
God is personally saying to you
this week.


allow a miracle to happen in your life this week.


Sincere Apologies can mend hearts.

These videos can touch and transform hearts.

I encourage you to buy or rent these movies soon.


Let's not let our past

keep us from finishing well!

Also consider our

Christian Entertainment Ideas for Christians

This page originally presented the week of May 25, 2015.