Entertainment Ideas
For Christians

Great Entertainment!

Clean Entertainment!

We encourage you to view these

before presenting them to your young children

just in case you differ with our view of "clean."

I loved....

Time Toys 
Fun Movie!

This Winnie the Pooh movie is great!

Christopher Robin


Actually, it is more of an adult movie

than a children's movie!

Undercover Bridesmaid

A Fun Movie

with lots of good messages!

Movie - Ace Wonder

For every kid at heart.


A Delightful and Intriguing Mystery

with lots of clues


Loaded with  Entertainment - 


A movie that will leave you

wanting an encore.

Consider buying this movie as a present.

Take note for those with impressionable children -
there is a scene with a ten-year-old driving a jeep and a scene with a teenager breaking into a library to get something that the owner of the library told him he could have at any time.

Movie - Christmas Every Day

Christmas Every Day


Warm and Entertaining

A boy learns - it isn't all about him.

Below are Movies

Beth has seen recently

that are good for teens and adults.

* means it is overtly Christian

August 2017 -

I just saw this Sports movie -

It is uplifting and family-friendly.

A Mile In His Shoes

"Mile in His Shoes" is the story of Mickey Tussler,

a young man with Asperger's Syndrome--a type of autism--

who is recruited by a passionate manager

to pitch for his minor league team.

Other Great Movies:

The Town that Came A-Courtin'


Back to you & me (Hallmark)


* God's Compass


Fielder's Choice


* Hardflip (older teens)


Cloudy with a Chance of Love


* War Room


* God's Country


* The Grace Card

(watch before showing to your family - it has some powerful scenes)


June in January


* Princess Cut


* Ring the Bell


* This is our Time
To Seize God's Calling


* God's NOT Dead


* Johnny
Inspiring story of a young Christian boy who is dying -

he changes the lives of everyone around him


The Christmas Card
(FYI - People drink wine.)


Hallmark: When Calls the Heart Christmas Movie

Walton's Christmas

Walton's Christmas

(This was before the TV program.)

Previews of Great Christian Movies

 What If?


 Rogue Saints

The First 5 minutes of

Rogue Saints

Ideas for children and teens!

This page is  about helping parents and grandparents to find

wholesome entertainment ideas.

One of the best TV shows for teens and adults :

Sue Thomas F. B. Eye

This show has a great story line. (The first two shows were a little slow and not quite the quality of all the rest of them, but beyond that, it is a great TV show.)

It is the story of a deaf FBI agent who reads lips. The show is based on a real person who became deaf as a young child.

It will keep girls and guys in the family entertained.  The show blends action, adventure, comedy, drama, and a thread of a love story.

The show has a main character that goes to church and sometimes talks about God. The real Sue Thomas gave her heart to Jesus at a young age. It brings me joy to see that the television show honors Sue’s faith in God.

The show highlights team work and encourages love of country and helping others. 

More TV Ideas

I remind you that each of us will make different evaluations.

Note that every one of these suggestions has  a couple of episodes during its run that I do not recommend. But if you are looking for suggestions that are better than what is now being given to our children, here are some suggestions of old TV shows that -  in general - 
I believe have good morals displayed:  

Brady Bunch, Little House on the Prairie,  
The Andy Griffith Show, That Girl, Patty Duke, The Waltons,
Full House, Daniel Boone, Gilligan's Island

Fairly clean and interesting TV for older children:

DOC  is a great TV show


A-Team, The Mod Squad, Monk, Sue Thomas F.B. Eye

Things I specifically remember that I can alert you to for your children:

Daniel Boone - I will alert you that there are a couple of episodes that feature the religion of the Indians that I would not recommend. I just wouldn't show those.

Movies I like:

Firehouse Dog
Silver Bells (Pure Flix)
Christmas Every Day
Beverly Hills Family Robinson (Disney)
Angels in the Outfield (Disney)
That Darn Cat (old Disney version and the Christian Ricci version)
Princess Diary
Richie Rich (1994)
The "McGee and Me" series from Focus on the Family (on Youtube)
Bible Man - with Willie Aames (on Youtube)

Older children and teens may enjoy:

Rouge Saints
Facing the Giants
Soul Surfer
Undercover Bridesmaid
Love Comes Softly
Puppy Love 
What if  (2010 Christian movie with Kevin Sorbo)


The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry

It is very inspiring!

It is definitely a Christian movie.

Time Changer
Christian Movie

This movie is entertaining while it provides

a wake up call to help us follow Jesus more closely.

Featured Movie

Superheroes Don't Need Capes

Low Budget Christian movie
that is sweet for those who will hang in there.

Super Heroes Don't Need Capes

It is the true story of a life experience by filmmaker
Greg Robbins; the character named Paul.

Neighborhood bullies were beating a mentally handicapped boy (named Harlan) one day when Paul, jumped in and defended him only to get beaten-up too.

This unusual, yet divine meeting became the genesis for one of the most encouraging stories ever told.

A few days later, Paul was playing football with friends as Harlan watched. Paul invited him to play, despite the jokes from the kids. Harlan went for a pass, sprinting past the others, as if they where standing still. Paul realized Harlan had a gift and talked him into running track, teaching him to compete in the 100-yard dash.

Paul faced ridicule from classmates for his association with that freak. Throughout the training process, Paul and others learned love through Harlan.


Educational DVD:

Sex has a Price Tag by Pam Stenzel

(view before showing your children)

Also view our information on

how to keep your kids from pornography.

Great movies that promote good morals for teens:

Old Fashioned


To Save a Life

Please view the above before showing them to your teens.

Entertaining Rapture Movie:

In the Blink of an Eye (Pure Flix)

A Variety of other Ideas

How about a Family Water Gun Fight?

How about a Sugar Picnic? (Get a variety of sweets and go to a park.)

How about a Family Game night - and play board games?

How about finding a food ministry or other charity and volunteer as a family to help?

Cool Competition

How about going to the pool and having a splash contest?  Have the two competitors jump into the pool one at a time and make the biggest splash he or she can. Have an adult rate the splashes of two competitors.  This can be done over and over.  (This is great for fabulous fun and to wear out two active kids!)

Other Ideas

Teach your kids to bake sweets and cook meals. Consider getting out your video camera and record your child having his or her own cooking show!

Sign your kids up for a cake decorating class or a pottery class.

Wii has a great system with lots of sports games.

Magazines for Parents of your area have lists of free events for children. I have been amazed at the many free events in my area.

Go to the park,  discover nature trails, take walks, turn on the sprinklers and let your children play on a hot day, play outdoor sports with the kids, be alert to events sponsored by other churches in your area.

Pick out books and read to your children. I suggest going to the Christian bookstore and getting books that are entertaining and Christian based.

Bible Activities for Kids

Friendly Reminder:

Having dinner together, praying together, and having fun together are three of the best ways to draw
family members together.

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