Tips on Mr. Right

Tips on

Waiting on Mr. Right

AND Then

Finding Mr. Right and Avoiding Mr. Wrong


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We all need mentors in life.

Let the couple below

(Nate and Sutton)

mentor you today.

They have some great insights to share.

By the way, they were virgins

when they got married.

Soon I will post a page those who want to be newly dedicated to purity and those who want to stay pure.


Waiting on Mr. Right

The Christian single woman


had a dream

where she married Mr. Wrong.

From the dream,

she realized a lot of valuable tips

on how to avoid Mr. Wrong. 

Is he

Mr. Right?

Have you ever been

looking for

the Prince Charming love of your life

and found a Toad?

Ode to a Toad

By Linda Germain

Oh please, oh please
On bended knee
Off of my feet
He swept me

I was his love
His turtle dove
But why has he

To think, dear Sir
How you did purr
Those nothings sweet
And charming

You pitched your woo
I fell for you
Then bells began

You changed your mind
Which seemed unkind
But now I see
God's leading

He heard my cry
And told me why
This garden
Needed weeding

A Lancelot
Dear Sir, you're not
Nor I
Damsel Distressing

God stayed my hand
From golden band
A thing which
Is a blessing

That vows of Love
Go hand in glove
A premise
We're assuming

To be a Catch
For your un-match
Is not good bride
And grooming

I know out there's
A guy who cares,
And wants his
Other halfing

To him I'll seem
His perfect dream
A Proverbs woman,

So, be wise, you guys,
Before those sighs
To girls you may
Be dumping

It might be smart
Upon your part
Before you're jumping

Don't Promise June
Or honeymoon
If she is not
For Keeping

Just leave her there
Don't be a pair,
Please LOOK
Before you're leaping!

No Valentine
To claim as mine
Just makes my head
So groggy

But staying home
To write a po'm
Beats courtin’ by
Some froggy

(Do not copy - this is copywrited by Linda Germain)

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