Prayer and Worship

Prayer and Worship

lifted up to

Almighty God

O magnify the Lord with me,

and let us exalt his name together.

Psalm 34:3 KJV

This page contains Prayers and Music.

The songs are ones that I listen to for personal worship.

I often lay on the floor or kneel
and worship God
as I sing.

I pray these songs will bless you.


Music videos on this site in no way endorse singers or song writers.

For Prayers that help you feel the peace of God,

See: Shoes of Peace Prayers

I worship You Almighty God.

Prayer to the King of All Creation

God of heaven and earth,

You are Lord of all.

There is no place that you are not.

There is no time that you were not.

You are eternal, omnipresent, and all powerful.

I will place all my faith in you and in your Word.

I dedicate myself to you today and every day.


Copyright © 2014 Beth McLendon of

I worship the One who sits on the Throne!

Prayer to the Creator of Everything

Lord of Heaven and earth,

Marvelous is your creation.

Miraculous are your deeds.

Magnificent are your names.

Meaningful, mighty, and moving are your words.


Matchless is your position in my heart.


Copyright © 2015 Beth McLendon of

I worship the God of Love and Power.

Praise to the Lord my God Ruler of all the earth.

You astonish me with your love.

~ ~ ~

Prayer to the One who Loves Me!


You are the Shepherd of my heart.

When I think about your GREAT LOVE for me,
I feel astonished, uplifted, valued, and treasured.

I love you,


Copyright © 2015 Beth McLendon of

Palm Sunday

"Hosanna to the Son of David!
'Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!'
Hosanna in the highest!"

Matthew 21:9b NKJV


The Holy of Holies

This song is
a favorite of mine.

We used to sing it at church.

We sang it much slower and
it made it more beautiful for me.

Lord of Wonders, I Worship YOU!

The images are from the book of Revelation.

We see John getting the Revelation.

My Loving Shepherd, My Conquering King

Prayer to My Loving Shepherd

My Loving Shepherd,

You are the Lord of my day.

You are the Lord of my night.

I find shelter in you.

I find provision in you.

I find comfort in you.

I find rest in you.


Copyright © 2015 Beth McLendon of

Prayer to My Conquering King

My Conquering King,

You are the Eternal King of Kings.

You are the Mighty Lord of Lords.

You are the one who rescues me.

You are the one who defeats my enemies.

You are the One who is worthy of my praise.

You are the One who is worthy of my devotion.

I give my life to you.


Copyright © 2015 Beth McLendon of

Praise to the Conquering King who Saves Me!

Romans 10:1

"Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is,
that they might be saved."

Romans 10:1 KJV

That prayer prayed by Paul
2,000 years ago
is being answered in our day.

Many, many Jewish people are discovering Jesus as  Messiah.

~ ~ ~

The next song is a Messianic Jewish one.

~ ~ ~

A Beautiful





Lord of the World

Note that for Jews,
leaving out the vowels in God's name represents added respect.

Also note that there are some
Hebrew words in this song.

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