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Videos on this site in no way endorse speakers,
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Many famous Christians
are falling away from God and the Bible.

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Give us insights to bless marriages.

We pray for marriages this day. 

Today I lift up the marriage of 

____ and _____

Bless them.



Happy Marriage Tip

How men and women keep score.

Your Grace


Amazes me!

Inspirational Courage for Men

I'm never alone.

God is always here.

Let's Get Stirred up


follow Jesus!

I've seen miracles

Just Happen!

"Come, see the glorious things God has done.

What marvelous miracles

happen to his people!"

Psalm 66:5 TLB

           A Prayer to God:

           Rescue me, Lord.


You are brighter than my darkest night.

Stronger than my toughest fight.

Break through....


Be Still My Soul

Below is an Inspirational Movie about

Staying Pure

in an impure World

It shows the way (clumsy sometimes) that a man
travels the road to dating in a pure way.

- -

The man -  had led -  an impure life
but was determined to change.

This movie is very real.

It shows courage in handling the challenges of staying pure

it shows the heartache of dealing with an impure past.

NOTE that is shows how to heal
from an impure past.

Great movie to show teenagers, single adults, and parents!

(Note: we have a page of resources called: Helping Teens.)

More than Anything,

I want Your Presence.

The next song is a great resource
to help you raise your self-concept to
a healthy place.

- -

I urge you to embrace this song!

Men will need to do a little adapting!

We have lots of pages to help you
raise your self-concept to a healthy place.

I encourage you to start with our page about Self-Acceptance.


I will listen for the voice of God.

Note: The picture of Twila makes me think of pride
but it quickly goes away - and the song is wonderful!

We invite you to visit our page called

How to Hear God's Voice



The Shield of Faith

 is a shield of confidence

that God's Word is True. 

Let's pick up the Shield of Faith.

God is able

to help you to forgive.

Forgiveness is not easy.

We have many pages to guide you and support you

as you learn to forgive.

You may want to start with our

week-long devotional on forgiveness

that will prepare you to forgive.

Or you may want to start with our page called

Learning to Forgive

Some may want to visit our page: Prayer for Enemies

Let Us Pray

for our young people.

Amazing and Inspiring


Promoting Integrity

For more videos and information about Nick,
click: Daily Inspirational Courage

What God Really Wants


Psalm 107:2

Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So!

We invite you to our Psalm 107 page.

Jesus loves us.


A beautiful presentation of the song

"We shall Behold Him"

I fondly dream of the day when I SHALL Behold HIM!

All for Him

A close friend of mine is a friend of
one of the members of the above singing group.
The group members live in the metro-Atlanta area. 
For bookings and other information see:

A Message
that is designed to bless all of us.

(also seen on my blog page)

Awesome is our God.


Great Thoughts

Josh McDowell

has a lot of great tips to share with people about

Building Relationships.

Here are three of his short videos.

It is Never Too Late.

The Importance of Affirmation

Many people that we love need more affirmation.

Mark Gungor

The next two videos are

for singles

and those who love and mentor them.

Sex will make you Stupid.

You date the act;

You marry the react.

Inspirational Thoughts

From Genesis

Inspirational Music on Being

An Overcomer

Inspirational Thoughts on Being

An Overcomer

The Beauty of a Little Child

Little children.

Then Jesus called for the children
and said to the disciples,
"Let the children come to me. Don't stop them!
For the Kingdom of God belongs to those
who are like these children. I tell you the truth,
anyone who doesn't receive
the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it"

Luke 18:16 NLT

The Same Song done in Sign Language!

How to Be Victorious

This video is wisdom for every adult and every teen.

Consider visiting the following pages:

Get Free from Pornography - for adults

Porn-free kids - for parents

Inspirational Thoughts



A song to

Stir up

Peace and Contentment

God uses average things and average people.

So God can use me!

                          God is telling you,

                           " You're not Alone."


Help me in this storm.

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