The Sword of the Spirit

Inspirational insights into the Sword of the Spirit

through a swashbuckling tale of a dueling duo!

Think about movies that you have seen with great sword fighters rescuing fair maidens.

Think about the costumes of these colorful fighting men that come complete with boots and a feathered cap. Think about the astonishing athletic feats of these agile warriors as they leap from floor to table - all the while never missing a beat of the rhythmic sound of their silver steel blades - deflecting death.

Below is an action-adventure story about a dueling duo.

The sword that the hero uses in the story represents the word of God.

The Setting

The setting is a garden area that looks like a courtyard with a small rock fountain in the middle. The whole area is filled with lush green plants.

As you look around, you see a stone path that winds through the lovely scenery.

You take note of a couple of massive stone tables and matching benches placed in a corner of the courtyard. You notice that right next to all this beauty is a building that looks like a stone castle. As you look up at the side of this large structure, you see a balcony that was built about 7 feet off the ground. The sturdy balcony has an old - fashioned heavy-duty rail around it.

Lights, Camera, ACTION

Suddenly something gets your attention. Two men are arriving in the courtyard.

You sense hostility between them.

They appear to be heading toward …… a duel.

The protagonist is named Christian – and you realize that he is getting mentally ready to fight the mastermind of an evil empire.

You see the tension between them. You watch as each one boldly tightens his grip on his sword.

The conflict begins as the aggressive, attacking evildoer springs into action...

Suddenly, swords begin to whip silver patterns in the cool autumn air. The wicked-willed opponent thrusts his weapon of mass destruction at our hero, but Christian blocks the move.

The noise of the clashing steel and sight of their lightning – fast maneuvers makes you aware of the increases in the intensity of the battle.

The dastardly director of demons runs a few steps out of the combat area, twirls his sword, and then angrily charges the powerful protagonist.

Christian dodges the attack, and then skillfully gains control of the battle as he forcefully advances his steps. Christian's vile victim stumbles backward getting ever closer to being pinned down in a corner of the courtyard near the stone tables.

With speed and accuracy, our champion pulverizes the plots of his overwhelmed opponent by executing one last silver movement..... that permanently ends their dispute.

It is finished.

Next, our sure-footed hero seems to fly through the air as he lands atop a stony table. He then leaps up to a floral ledge, and finally focuses on gaining his footing in his ultimate destination - the balcony - that holds his fair maiden.

Victory is won. The fair maiden is rescued.


The story is read. The ending is our destiny.


We are the maiden (the bride of Christ),
and Jesus has fought for us.

We are also seen in the story as the Christian fighter.
And as the Christian fighter, we are to be agile and skillful with our sword of the spirit.

The point of the story is that we are called by God to boldly use our sword of the spirit. We are commanded to be active and have zeal against the enemy.

Ephesians 6:12

Ephesians 6:12 tells us that we wrestle not with flesh and blood but we wrestle with dastardly demonic evildoers – not people - but spirits.

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We use our Sword of the Spirit by speaking out the word of God. Speaking the Word of God is powerful and changes things.

When the enemy and his evil cohorts start making you feel discouraged and down, pick up the Sword of the Spirit and speak the words the Bible gives you to say.

For example, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13.

Memorize the word of God. Speak out the word of God. See yourself being a highly trained sword fighter or fencing champion.

The Full Armor of God

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This page contains information from Ephesians 6 12 and Philippians 4 13.