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A short fictional story

by Beth

about love

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Morning Motivational Prayer

Lord of my heart,

I value you, and I value your Word.

Your Word tells me to love and bless other people. Your will is for me to view everyone in my life as valuable. You want me to honor people and treat them with respect every day.

I receive my mission to love people this day. I receive my mission to be helpful toward their needs, compassionate toward their hurts, encouraging toward their trials, enthusiastic toward their victories, warm toward their presence, and forgiving toward their mistakes and sins.

Change my heart, Lord. Teach me to be more like you.

I will yield to you this day.


Copyright © 2014 Beth McLendon of

The above prayer is taken from Beth's blog.

Change my heart, Lord, make it always true to you.

Change my heart, Lord, make it more like you.

I encourage you to pray the

above prayer

every day this week.

- -

The prayer was also presented on

Beth's blog.


Apologizing is part of Love.

Apologies are important

whether we realize it or not.

Morning Motivation from Nick

A man who was born with no arms or legs.

Note: this video is also featured on our Video page.

Someone may say:

"But, Beth, my family and friends

don't apologize to me."

My answer:

The one who loves the most

leads the way.


God calls us to be godly leaders

not ungodly followers.

Being a leader is sometimes hard.
Being a Christian is sometimes hard.

Sometimes God calls us to do things
we do not want to do.

Will you choose to be steadfast
in being an example of "godly courage" in this world?

Let us live so that the world can


the Gospel lived out in our life.

Love is easy to see but not easy to be.


A Devotional story

      Love Is Easy To See, But Not Easy To Be

                                              By Beth McLendon                                                


Jesus was sitting, relaxing with his back against a tree.  The day was fresh and new.  People would begin arriving soon.  We disciples made sure that the people of the town knew Jesus would be teaching here this morning. 

Yesterday, Jesus taught a small group of people at the house of Thomas the potter.  Jesus taught on the subject of love.  Afterward, the wife of Thomas served everyone a delicious meal. 

I sat down with my back against a huge rock.  A cool breeze flowed over me.  I watched as a little girl about eight years old came over the hill.  A boy about thirteen followed her.  He seemed to be arguing with her.  I heard him say, “Please! Just forget it.  I’m sure he didn’t mean anything by it.  You’re just too sensitive.  Come on!  If Mom and Dad find out… Rachel! … Stop!”  

The young girl ignored her brother and continued to walk.  As the two approached, Jesus stood up.

Rachel walked right up to Jesus.  I could see the little girl trembling, and she swallowed hard. Her brother stood nearby.  A look of horror was on his face.

“Sir, yesterday at the house of Mr. Thomas, you hurt my feelings.”

“Rachel, Please!!!” her brother pleaded as he walked forward a few steps.

Time seemed to stand still. 

Then the eyes of Jesus narrowed.  I could see his jaw muscles begin to twitch, his mouth tightened.  He looked like an angry, caged animal.  “Do you know who I am?” he growled. 

I had seen my dad get like that.  I could feel myself being taken back to my childhood.  I was watching a scene from my childhood.  I started to shake.  My heart was beating wildly.  I began to be flooded with childhood memories.  I felt the urge to run and hide.

As I sat watching, the little girl’s lips drooped down and tears filled her eyes.  Then she turned and ran as hard as she could.  Her brother quickly ran up to Jesus and said, “We never should
have bothered you.” 

Then her brother ran after her.  I could hear her brother calling her,  “I told you not to do that!   Rachel . . . Rachel. . .  Rachel. . . wait!!!”

The story is over.  Is it believable? 

Why is it not believable? 

I present the case that it is not believable because
Jesus was loving, kind, and humble.     

Every day, people react to their family in ways
that are void of real gentleness and love. 

Every day, people ignore the emotional needs
of children and spouses,
yet still consider themselves loving and kind.

Love is easy to see, but not easy to be.

Let's go back and

rewrite the end of the story:

“Sir, yesterday at the house of Mr. Thomas, you hurt my feelings.”

Jesus knelt down to be closer to eye-level with Rachel. His face was full of love.  He gently said, “I am so sorry.  I would never want to hurt your feelings.  Will you forgive me?”

“Yes,” came a weak little voice.

Jesus sat down. He opened his arms wide and smiled, “Will you sit on my lap, and tell me all about what I did to hurt you?”

The little girl’s face lit up.  She flew into his arms and hugged him.  As they hugged, they swayed back and forth.  They both were giggling and making funny faces at each other. 

Then little Rachel reached out her hand to touch his cheek.  “I love you, Mister Jesus.”

I watched as they played.  I listened as Jesus insisted that little Rachel tell him what had hurt her. I listened as Jesus sincerely apologized again. 

I had never seen anything like it.  That was not the way my dad would have handled that situation. 

When I have children, I want to be like Jesus!                                

Copyright © 2000 Beth McLendon of

Even if we didn't have an earthly model
of how to handle apologies,
we can follow a heavenly model.


Forgiveness is part of Love.

Forgiveness is part of Loving God.

Forgiveness is part of Loving other People.

This website have many pages

to help you learn to forgive


encourage you as you walk in forgiveness.

Topic of - Forgiveness

Beginning Forgiveness - a week-long Daily Devotional

Learning to Forgive

Learning to Forgive - the audio version

How to Forgive - Specific tips and strategies

How to Forgive Part Two

Show Notes on Forgiveness

Highlighted Bible Verse:

"You shall love your neighbor as yourself."

Matthew 22:39

Also: Mark 12:31 and Luke 10:27

Note that some people not only need

to learn to love other people,

they also need to learn

how to properly love themselves.


If you want to ponder more about apologies,

you may want to look at the book:

The Five Languages of Apology

by Gary Chapman

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