Come and listen to a story

about a man

named Jed...


Come is a word that calls to us

in order


capture our attention.

The word "Come" grabs our attention...

Come and listen to a story about a man named Jed…

You probably know

the next line in that song.

Most of us

have spent a lot of time

at the Clampett mansion

and other locations given to us by popular TV shows.

We heard the Beverly Hillbillies' invitation



and we responded

by watching

the adventures of

Jed, Granny, Elly May, and Jethro.

Almost everyone I know has responded to that invitation by watching some of those wacky episodes.

Yet, there is a more important call



that our "spiritual" ears need to hear.

God often calls to us to "Come."

Sometimes we ignore God's voice, and sometimes other things drown out his voice.


more people respond

when the world calls to them

than when God calls to them each day.

Sadly, the truth is that most children, teens, and adults rarely respond to God's daily call to “come” to the Bible to learn about God and find answers for their life.

Take note that we have

lots of inspirational pages

on the book of Psalms.

In Matthew 28:18-20,

Jesus gives believers a mission.

It has been called:


We are told to GO into the world and teach the Words of God to all people - including our family members.


Life gets busy, and we get distracted by so many things.

Each day we desperately - need - to listen to God calling us to “Come” to his Word.

God's word

is our

Spiritual Daily Bread.


We need to hear  God

calling us to

“Come” and spend time

teaching our children about God

– and –

sharing with our friends and extended family

about Jesus.

Take note of

what a friend of mine

said to me

the other day.

She said,

"I wish someone had invited me to church

when I was a little girl.

My life would have been so much better."

This article is an invitation

to “Come”

and respond to the call of our Lord today.

We recently posted a prayer page about praying for our loved ones who aren't right with God.

It might be a hard page to read.

It can be hard to realize that someone we love is far away from God.


without that realization,

we aren't going to pray passionately

for them TO GET right with God.

Perhaps you would like to visit that page. Click the link that follows:

Prayers for Loved Ones

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Here are a couple of great pages for parents:

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This is an Inspirational article by Beth McLendon

Taken from our June 25, 2017

Inspirational Life