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Prayer after Suicide

Help and Prayer



for the family



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and also

other help on this page.

I recently had a woman write me

concerning a suicide

of a dear friend.


The woman wanted some ideas

that she could share

with the family to help ease their suffering.


There are so many emotions

after the loss

of a precious loved one

to suicide.


Here is essentially the message I wrote

to this lovely lady:

You and your friends are facing one of the hardest situations someone can face.

This is such a difficult and sensitive topic.

I've thought a lot about your situation for several days and have prayed about the situation.

Here is my prayer for today:


Dear Lord,

I lift up this hurting family and all the hurting friends.

Wrap your loving arms around them and calm their emotions and soothe their pain.

Lord, I pray that you would give the lady who wrote me your words and your wisdom so that she can be an instrument of your healing -  and help her also to heal.

Father, I am at a loss for helpful ideas, but you are the God of all comfort. Personalize your encounters with each hurting one. Give them strength and motivation to keep moving forward toward a more healed place in you.

Help each one to make a commitment to move toward you and not away from you.

Bring your miracles into the lives of all the family and friends who are in this painful place.

Shelter each one from the plots and plans of the enemy.

Protect each one from suffering from false guilt and unproductive human reasoning.

Protect them and bless them this day and every day.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Copyright © 2016 Beth McLendon of

* The enemy is the devil and his demonic forces.

I also pray that prayer

for each suffering one

who visits this page.


Surround the grieving

and bring

comfort and healing.


A Prayer to pray for those who are Grieving

This is a Prayer

that we can pray

for those who have lost loved ones to suicide.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I am at a loss for words as I think about this terrible news.

Lord, I don’t know what to say

but I know that

you are the

God of all comfort.

You understand my friend's great pain.

You know what my friend needs to get through each day.

I ask you to personalize your words of comfort

so that my friend can

feel your love

and so that my friend can

experience your healing.

Give my friend strength and motivation

to keep moving forward

toward a more healed place in you.

Shelter and protect my friend as she/he continues to grieve.

And Lord I ask for these same requests

on behalf of  my friend's family.

This family is experiencing such a great loss.

They are feeling such great pain.

Gently help each one of them to run toward you

and not away from you.

I pray these things in Jesus’ name,


Copyright © 2019 Beth McLendon of

that might help

There are several Christian movies

that address this topic


can be helpful for family and friends.

Here are three Christian movies

that address this topic:


New Hope


Hope Bridge


To Save a Life

I sent the first two suggestions to the lady who wrote me.

The third movie didn't fit her situation at all. But perhaps that movie would be a great help to some of you who are reading this page.

New Hope


I really liked this movie.

Hope Bridge

Full movie

This movie is pretty good.

It is my least favorite of the three movies.

To Save a Life

I really thought this was a great movie.

It brings healing and hope after a suicide.

And sometimes it brings help before a suicide.

I have given some specifics about this movie on another page on this site.

Please consider clicking below to read about

this movie before you watch it.

Click here to read about this movie.

It is the focus of the Monday devotional.

Below is the ad for the movie.

If you are in the friend category,

these movies may help you


they may possibly stir you

to share one or more with the family  -

depending on the circumstances and situation.

Always keep in mind

that this is a sensitive situation

and feelings are


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Prayer after suicide was first presented May 2016.

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